Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekly Goals - August 6-12, 2013

This weekend I get my little one back from her fathers but she has too birthday parties. Hubby is off this weekend and we have plans with two different sets of friends. I can't wait to get out of the house! Then we have art class and going to the movies.

Weekly Goals
1. Gym - hit the gym on Saturday for Zumba. I am starting P90x, so I'm hoping to stick with it.
2. Read the rest of Accidental Farmer.
3. Date night- double date night with hubby and our friends. It will be nice to get out of the house. I can't wait!
4. Denist Appointment- I will final have my teeth fixed! I'm so excited!
5. Cass- play a broad game with her.
6. Cleaning- start to pick up and organize the basement. Our basement is a huge mess. Time to get it in order.
7. Gardening - clean out the chick coop
8. Couponing- organize coupon binder, and shop at giant. If I do this deal right I could make $30 -$40!
9. Read the rest of New Testament - Luke
10. Work - I work 4 days this week. Busy week

Here is my last weekly's goals
1. Gym- I want to hit the gym 2 times this week. I want to get back into the habit of working out. Also while t the gym, I want to fix our account. - couldn't get there with a baby. 
2. Finish reading Accidental Framer. I'm 70% done the book. It is a good read. - read some of it. But didn't get to finish it. 
3. I want to write a letter to Cass, like I do with hubby. This will remind her how much I love her. I think doing these are important. - I wrote the letter and left it on her bed. 
4. Family Cleaning Routine - I want to post about this and stick to it. - I have written out and stuck to it. The house looks awesome. 
5. Research how to save seeds.- I learned how to save cucumber seeds and zucchini seeds
6. Complete and post weekly gardening goals - I was so busy this week, I didn't get in the garden. 
7. Read Luke out of the New Testament. - I read 11chapters, 13 more to go.
8. Look up information on surrogate. I have been think a lot about it. - I looked into this. I filled out some information we will see where it goes. 
9. Make Cherries that go on top of ice cream. I love them and got cherries on sale today. I can't wait to try to can them! - I was so ready to do this, I had the recipe and all the can together. Then I had a cherries. A bag later I was out of cherries. They tasted so good.
10. Pick up my keys and pay my bill. I had me car in the shop to fix the belt and they forgot to lock the stuff in the car. - ugh blonde moment, I so forgot about the keys. 

I didn't do well this week on my goal. Hopeful you did better than me. 

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