Thursday, August 1, 2013

Saving Seeds - Zucchini Researching How to Save Seeds

Mmm freshly grown Zucchini 
This is goal is to save my seeds so next years garden isn't costly. Hubby and I discussed over the winter that we would buy non-GMO seeds save them throughout the year. This will provide our family with a low costing organic, healthy, and non-GMO. We found this awesome site that had the seeds we wanted, you can check out the site here 55 Variety Non-GMO Heirloom Emergency Survival Garden Seed Bank. I have one huge problem! I don't know how to save seeds and never done it before. 

While looking up ways to save zucchini seed I came across this awesome video. This video is really informative and I'm so thankful that this gentleman took the time to make this video for us to watch. While watching this video I found out that you do not have to ferment the zucchini seeds.

Thank you eHow for the picture

Then I searched the web for some website to help me confirm the new knowledge that I found . I went to one of my favorite sites eHow And found the article How to Save Zucchini Seeds. Linda Mitchell Has a well-written article about saving zucchini seeds. The best part about this article is it tells you how to know which zucchinis to save the seeds from. 

I love watching them grow

Now that I've done on my research savings Zucchini seeds not seem to be that hard. This weekend I am going to make my seed saving tray and then start to save my Zucchini seeds! Are you saving seeds this year? If so what kind?

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