Monday, August 17, 2015

Pinterest Find of the Day ~ Canning Tomatoes

     Did you ever wanted how many tomato plants do I need to have a pantry of tomato products for the year? I have. I love the idea of having my homemade tomato sauce on all our food. This will let me know my family is eating healthy and organic food. It will take out BPA, pesticides, and other chemical they add to the food.

Here is my find

     Here is a awesome site I found on Pinterest about knowing how many tomato plants it takes to fill up  my pantry.  According to Kris Bordessa  at Attainable Sustainable, she need 17-25 plants to feeed her family. Looking at what she has canned I think I would need half that amount. Which leads me to plant 9-13 tomato plants for my family. Check out her whole article Tomato Math -How Many Plant is Enough .   

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