Thursday, October 30, 2014

Workout Thursday

    Don't judge me to much for the pictures. I am trying to lose weight for the wedding! I weight 160+ for my brother wedding. I'm hoping to weight 120 or lower for my wedding. Now before anyone says anything 110-120 is perfect weight for my size. I'm only 5'1''.

    I am using Trim and Healthy Mama. I love this deit. I can eat and eat well. The food I eat is really. I have 2-3 eggs for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, then a protein shake (blueberry, yogurt, and protein powder), and then chicken stuff with mushrooms, and spaghetti squash with mushroom sauce. Mmmm

     I am using Pact to help me focus on staying on tract. You make a pact to work out x amount of days. Then if you don't do it you pay $5 per day you miss. If you don't you can make a little money. I help me stay focus, because I hate wasting money. 

     I have been using slim 6 for about a month. Okay I'm not great at working out and today was the frist week I worked out 4 days in a row. So don't judge me to much on not losing it as fast as she is. 


Gardening - Trying to save what left of this gardening year

A picture out of my gardening book

     I have been so off lately. The wedding and family drama has just messed me up. I am a working mom and work about 35 hours a week out of the house. Some times maintaining my garden goes to the back burner. That is what happen this year. 
     I was off to a good start, but the long winter, two wedding and hubby being out  of town for 6 weeks just throw me off. It happens. I'm not perfect. 
     Even though it is late in the season and not much will grow will I can get a little planted for the winter garden. I can also get my garden beds ready for the spring. 
     One thing I tell everyone is there is always next year and you can try again.     That's what I'm going to do. 
     Now I will start to figure out my winter garden and post what I plan to do. This garden might not be prefect because I have never grown anything in the winter. 
Stick with my and this new adventure! 

Happy Halloween - Scary Movie Night

"Carrie" movie

      One thing my family loves to do is watch scary movies!! So we decided to have a scary movie bonfire night. It was so much fun to curl up on the swing chair and just sit and relax and watch Carrie. 

Mmm some popcorn!!

    My little one decided she wanted to watch their original Carrie movie. We pop some popcorn, made some warm apple cider, and had a bonfire. It was a such a fun night. 

Fire and apple cider make it all worth it!! 

    Have you ever done a movie outside? What fun and spooky things are you doing to get ready for Halloween? 

Daily Goals - Thursday, October 30th, 2014

     I couldn't get out of bed this morning! I was so sleepy and I went to bed at 10pm. My body really need to sleep in tomorrow. I can't wait for the time change then my body should be okay with getting up early.

Mmmm last night's dinner 

Today's Goals

  1. Work- I work today from 8am-6pm. I have all three little ones today. I am homing we can have some holiday fun. 
  2. Gardening - Work on gardening plans at nap time. I like to figure out my garden plans for next year so I know what I need to buy. It cheaper to buy the seeds now. 
  3. Workout - today will be my 4th day in a row!! My body hurt yesterday but not much today. 
  4. Kids Kronor - do our Ff phonic paper today. 
  5. Cleaning - change sheet. 

What are you doing today?? Do you have any plans? 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Halloween - Carving Pumpkins!!

     I might be the worlds worst pumpkin carver!! But I think the experience of carving your pumpkin by yourself is more important!!

Little man picked a perfect pumpkin to carve! 
     The boys and I started with an awesome pumpkin hubby got for us!! One of the little guys picked out this one. This side of pumpkin is awesome, the other side isn't.  

Little ones did touch it, but they didn't like it. 
     We started as I cut open the Pumpkin with the regular knife. Then started to take the insides out. The boys were not too fond of the inside of the pumpkin. We did set aside some seats to save the garden next year and some the toast up to have for snack. 

He came out okay looking! 
     I don't think he turned out to bad! We decided to make triangles for the eyes and a square for the nose. Even though I wouldn't win a contest the boys had so much fun! 
     Did you carve pumpkins this year? If so text and pictures I would love to see him! 

Daily Goals- Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

   It was a morning for me. Getting up was hard, because the bed was so warm. I need though to work on getting up earlier. 40 minutes just isn't enough time to get ready and everyone feed. 
This morning was busy! I feed the cat, the dog, the rabbits and the chickens. I started the wash and collected the eggs. After that I got everything ready for dinner. We are having meatloaf for dinner. Then head to work. I made it to work on time. 

Silly Kitty hiding from the sun!! 

Today's goals 
1. Work - Today it is me and my 2 little men. I work from 8am-6pm. 
2. Kids Kroner- the little guys and I are going to crave a pumpkin today! They are going to have so much fun!! 
3. Gardening- I going to save the pumpkin seeds from pumpkin we are craving. I am hoping to grow them next year. 
4. Cooking- mmmm meatloaf for dinner!! 
5. Cooking - work on my menu for the week and post it. 

Hubby send me the picture of my cat hiding from the sun this morning, Silly kitty!!!