Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekly Menu

My Menu I will be posting recipe if you ask for them and I will post some picture throughout the week!

Nov 11 - Friday
Blueberry Muffins ~ out of freezer (Breakfast)
Spagetties Os (Lunch)
Stroganoff (Dinner)

Nov 12 - Saturday
Pumpkin Gingersnap Cookies (Freezer Cooking)
Pumpkin Pancakes (Freezer Cooking)
Pumpkin Pancakes (Breakfast)
Fruit Salad (Weekly Fruit)
Tossed Salad (Weekly Salad)
Leftover (Lunch)
Chicken Potato (crock-pot Recipe) (Dinner)

Nov 13 - Sunday

Nov 14 - Monday
Pumpkin Pancakes ~OOF (Breakfast)
Chicken Noodle Soup~ OOF(Lunch)
Meatloaf (Dinner)

Nov 15 - Tuesday
French Toast (Breakfast)
Taco Salad (Lunch)
Chicken Pram (Dinner)

Nov 16 - Wednesday
Muffin ~OOF (Breakfast)
Chicken Nuggets (Lunch)
Leftovers (Dinner)

Nov 17 - Thursday
Egg Sandwich ~ OOF(Breakfast)
Tuna Crackers (Lunch)
Taco Dip W/ Chips (Dinner)

Nov 18 - Friday
Cereal (Breakfast)
Broccoli Cheddar Soup ~ OOF (Lunch)
Bread Pork Chops (Dinner)

Nov 19 - Saturday
Egg Sandwich ~ OOF (Breakfast)
Hot Pockets ~ OFF (Lunch)
Cassi Cooking (Dinner)

Nov 20 - Sunday
Personal note ~ OOF are things I cooked already and froze so I have healthy home cooked meals for my family. Also I do not cook or do any work on Sunday. Sunday is for church and church actives. 

What are you cooking up this week? 

Plans for Walmart shopping for Friday November 11, 2011

    I have a love hate relationship with walmart! I love them, but hate the money I spend there! :) I am going to try with a list. Here is my goal to get put of walmart spending less then $7 there (unless they have the fabric I need). I have to go to the super walmart not my normal one, be my normal on is not a super walmart so I cannot get the grosseries. 

Here is my plan,
2 Hormel snack tray 1/$4.98 (-$3)x2        $3.96
1 Fieachiman's strips yeast 1/1.06 (-.40)  $.56
2 Benardryl anti-itch strip 1/$2.28 (-$2)x2 $.56
2 Pepcid Ac (8ct) 1/$4.38 (-4)x2               $.78
4 razors 1/$1.98 (2/-$6)x2                         Free

     Let's see if they have everything and the price are right. I also want to check out there price and fabric because my daughter's Christmas present is a bed spread.

My Fridays

Friday are my day to run around. I am very blessed to have. As a full time mom I work 42 hours a week. Four 10 and 1/2 hours days and Fridays off. Without my Fridays I would be lost, because I do most my shopping on Friday. Every Friday my sister-in-law we go to Klobs (our local milk store), and the fruit stand. I also go to the CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, and Giant, if I haven't gotten there yet this week. 
This week I have only gotten to Bottom Dollar. Therefore tomorrow will be a busy day for me. My Hubby has off too, so extra busy!  I hope to be posting the deals I plan on getting and the deals I get!  

Less than $26 at Acme for 29 items!

Today is Acme shopping. This is the last day of the sale! I can only go on Thursdays because of my work week and home reasonabilities and the fact it's closer to work than home. So here are the deals I'm going to get. (Remember until the new year I'm only getting 1 or 2 newspapers, and I only get newspapers and computer prints if they are printable when the sale is) Below is a link for more sales, I don't have enough coupons for or products I don't need at this time.

I am planing to buy and only spend $26 dollars. Here is the plan;

2 apples.            $.99/1.           $1.98
1Onions             $.99/1             $0.99
1 Broccoli           $.99/1           $0.99
1 cauliflower.     $.99/1             $0.99
1 turkey             $ .49lbs.           $5.00
5 DH cake mix.   $1/1 (-.50)x4   $3.00
1 BE veggie.       $1.50/1(.50)x2 $0.50
3 heinz gravy     $3/3             $3.00
2 French's onions$2.99/1(-1)     $5.00
2 kettle chips.     $2.50/1(-1)x2 $4.00
6 GG can veggies$4.00/6          $4.00
4 dole pineapples $1.00/1(-1)     $3.00
 That's my goal!

 Now here what I'll spend. I'm going to do 2 transactions because of there deals on stuff I should get money back. 

5 DH cake mix = $1.00 back
3 huiz gravy = $1.00 back
 2 French's onions = $1.00 back
2 kettle chips = $1.00 back
4 dole pineapples = $1.00 back
6 GG can veggies = $2.00 back
$7.00 back to the store

Transaction 1
5 DH cake mix.   $1/1 (-.50)x4   $3.00
1 BE veggie.       $1.50/1(.50)x2 $0.50
3 heinz gravy     $3/3             $3.00
2 French's onions$2.99/1(-1)     $5.00
2 kettle chips.     $2.50/1(-1)x2 $4.00
6 GG can veggies$4.00/6          $4.00
4 dole pineapples $1.00/1(-1)     $3.00
Total $22.50 + $7.00 back to the store.

Transaction 2
2 apples.            $.99/1.           $1.98
1Onions             $.99/1             $0.99
1 Broccoli           $.99/1           $0.99
1 cauliflower.     $.99/1             $0.99
1 turkey             $ .49lbs.           $5.00
Total $9.94 -$7.00 (from transition 1)
Total $2.94
Makes Grand total $25.44.

Let's see if I can do this. Let you know tonight!

Remember Acme doubles all coupons up to .99 (unless coupon says not to) and under and it doesn't have a limit!
There are more deals check out for them!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bottom Dollar Shopping Trip

The chicken was not on sale yet, so I will have to grab it next week. But I got eggs, bread, 3 lbs of tangerines, and one pudding pack snack pack for $5.48. That was exciting. (note though don't shop hungry or you might end up with the snack pack of pudding too). Picture and price tomorrow, right now time with Hubby! Have a wonderful night!

Bottom Dollar Shopping Goal

Bottom Dollar
Today is a shopping day! I'm going to Bottom Dollar. Hoping to get 2 5-8lbs chickens, and eggs, whole wheat bread for under $15. Shopping list!
Chicken ($.79 a lb)
Eggs ($.89)
Whole Wheat Bread ($1.50)

I'm plan to get 2 chickens, hopefully I'll get more than 5lbs. I'll put them in my freeze for Dec and Jan dinners.
Do you have a bottom dollar near you? What are you buying this week?
I'll take pictures and let you know why the total was!

Hump Day

            Happy Hump Day! We are half way through and still surviving. Yesterday was a busted for me, this cold hit me hard. I was in bed at 7pm. I have to make up for it. I am lucky that my daughter truly realized how sick I truly was and took my deal last night. That if she took my turn to do the dish last night, I would take her turn on Thursday. She was so cute. "Ok mommy I know you don't feel well you can go to bed.” It was nice and needed. Hubby helped her get ready for bed, so that I can recuperate. I am feeling a little better.

         What is going on with you for the day? My day does not stop even though I'm a little under the weather. The same stuff as yesterday plus, I have to work on my homework. I have 4 posts in my online class to make today, two for today and two for a day that I can't get to it. Mostly Saturday or Friday, we will see. I am getting my Associate Degree at University of Phoenix. It is hard working but I know I can do it. I have wonderful support.11 more weeks and I'm done with it. Then off to Drexel (hopeful). Who else is going to school? What are you taking?

           The rest of my day mostly the same as yesterday except I do not cook, we have leftovers. On Wednesday night my ex has my daughter for dinner, so it is just hubby and me. He ok with leftovers so we do not waste our food. What are your dinner plans?

I hope everyone has an amazing day!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cold Hit Hard

Well all my night plans went out the window, I'm sick! Uck. I'm going to bed, no gym  No Gaint. Just OJ and Thermoflue. Thank goodness hubby is wonderful to me and went out and got my OJ. Well good night!

How you coupon going??

I was behide on clipping and organizing them, so today when the kids took there nap. I worked on cutting them! It's so exciting to see what I have coupons for. I have to go to walmart and ride aid and CVS this week. I think I'll be doing it on Friday. But I do have to go to the Giant tonight after my workout and do the ketchup deal. Gaint is right next to my gym!
Here's the deal
Buy 5 heniz ketchup (1.89 each)
Then use the coupon they are printed off I'll set up a link (hopeful tonight). Then tonight I'll paid about $5. But I'll get .20 of gas. So Hubby will save 5.50 on gas!! Therefore we will make $0.50. So exciting! I love making money and getting free stuff! I personal will on do it once because we won't use more than 4 bottles in a year and I will donate one to my church. So someone else can have the deal too!


I'm excited it is Tuesday! Almost half way though my week I got to spend the day with my daughter because her school had off. So before work what does you day look like?

     Here's is mine; Alaram goes off 4:45, and I hit the snooze button, 5 AM off to the basement - there I get dressed for the day, whil I am starting a fire to heat the house. I fold of wash, put the load from last night into the dry and  a of load in to the washer. After that up stairs for a quick blogging then off to make lunch for my daughter, to day is left over spaghetti, and then feed the pets, put the dog out, pull out dinner freezer enchiladas for dinner. Then make my daughter breakfast, this moring is egg sandwich (freezer). After that out of the house by 6:05 at the lates, to drive a hour to work. It is so much fun!

What does your mornings look like? How much prep do you do for the moring?

Today Goals - Gym
                    - Homework
                    - Read to my duaghter
What are you goals?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good morning,

          Today is Saturday, and I have my daughter this weekend. On Saturdays when I have her, we let her cook dinner. She is a nine-year-old, who has loved to cook with me she's been one years old. So my plans for today is to take my daughter and my dog for an hour-long walk, to freezer cook (pumpkin pancakes, yogurt, and mini cream pies), then my daughter and I are going to make spinach artichoke tortellini with chicken for dinner. After that I went to steam back the living room, and mopped the kitchen. Throughout the day I also have to keep the wood stove going and do four loads of wash. What are your goals for the day? Let me know and we'll check back in later tonight and see what we got done! Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Freezer cooking

Freezer cooking
Freezer cooking is where I make food I had a time, and put them in the freezer. This helps me provide home-cooked meals even on busy days. Tomorrow I'm going to do more freezer cooking. But today I made a muffin sandwiches. The sandwiches were relatively cheap compared to going to McDonald's and getting Egg McMuffin. I think I spent altogether $.50 on each muffin that I have in my freezer. This will save me money and time in the morning. It'll save you money because I don't have to buy breakfast, it'll save me time because all I have to do is throw them in the toaster oven for 2 to 3 minutes. It also provides a home-cooked breakfast for my daughter and I (My husband does not eat breakfast in the morning).
Recipe for Egg Muffin
ü  yellow pepper
ü  ½ green pepper
ü  2 mushrooms
ü  ½  onion
ü  1  carrot
ü  two eggs (I would use four but I only had to in the fridge)
ü  one package of biscuit
ü  ¼ cup of shredded cheese
The way I made that, first I put the biscuits in the oven. After that I cut up carrots and put them in a pan with a little EVOO on medium heat. Then I dice up the onion and mix them in, and then I dice up the two peppers and put them in the pan. Then I dice up the mushrooms and I put them in the pan. I let them wilt down for 3 minutes. After that I added the eggs. While the eggs were cooking, I pulled out the biscuit and cut them in half. When eggs are cooked through I placed about a tablespoon of egg mixture on each half biscuit then put a pinch of shredded cheese on top. I will freeze them like that. After that I will back them up with four half in a bag. I will make breakfast for me my daughter for two different days.

Is Friday really a day off ???

Today is November 4, 2011,
                Today was a very busy day! I took my daughter to school, went shopping, went to the bank, and freezer cooked. Today at Wal-Mart I got great deals! I got Halloween bags for my nieces and nephews for $.50 each, I got 10 lollipop and five glow-in-the-dark bracelets for $.50 each, I also got Halloween pretzels 40 in a box for $2.50. All the stuff I bought was 50% off, so I was very excited! After hitting the bank, I went Aldi's I bought rolls (for freezer cooking) they were $1. 39. I also bought two sticks of butter because they were $2.00 each, I also got bread it was only $.98.
                Today I also made egg muffins during a quick freezer cooking time, more of that on the next entry. I have also done to loads of wash and strained up my bedroom.
The rest of my day will consist of making dinner, movie night with my daughter, and geography homework. I would also like to get done three loads of wash and clean the living room. After that I will read (hopefully) read some of my new book, I Don't Know How She Does It.

My life

I am considering doing a blog, because there are many parts of my life that people might find interesting. In this blog you will hear about the adventures of my life, how I raise my daughter, how I am a wife, how I handle Nanning for two different parents with three kids total, how I plan lesson plan for the children, how I could come make meals, how I coupon to save my family money, however working on being debt-free, how I cook homemade meals, how I freezer cook, how I deal with my daughter's biological father. Also I will talk about working out, and staying healthy while raising a family. I am not a professional, or a doctor. I'm basing my blog on my personal experience; this is my opinion and my view on the way things are. There are always two sides of every story so please keep all that in mind while you are reading my blog living my experiences with me. My life is an ongoing ride to please hold on is prepared to see what it takes to be me. I consider myself a good mother, a good wife, cook, gardener, a friend, and a daughter of God and the student. Once I figure out all this I'm hoping to start my own blog that can be found on the web. Please give me time to figure out how this works. And welcome to my life!