Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cleaning - Cleaning Cards - Tuesday

Tuesday Card - With Ceaning Goals 

     Tuesday is going to be the hardest day because my little one has an activity so we don't get home and settled until 8:30pm. I did though pick an easy room to clean up, because we should always have it picked up. I do though give my little one an extra day to get this one done because she gets in so late. 
    Did you make up cleaning cards for your house? Post a picture or tag me to your blog, I would love to see what your doing. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cooking- Homemade Sugar Cookies

So much fun
     Today is a rainy day, so what did we do? Looked up a new cookie recipe and baked. I love trying new recipes. Today we tried Deliciously Sprinkled's - Soft Sugar Cookies. I love this cookies. They came out so good. The kids loved them too. I did skip ending and rolling the cookies in more sugar. 

I love Pinstrest!!!

     I love my job as a nanny, because I get to cook with my little men. They love adding and trying things. They have so much fun. 

Mmm Homemade Cookies

Did you cook up anything today? What is your favorite sugar cookie recipe.

Daily Goals - Tuesday, April 14, 2015

     Today, it is a warm rainy day. I love that it is final nice!! I know you haven't heard from me in awhile. Getting married and going on a honeymoon has taking up all my time. Now I'm back. It is time to get the garden in order, the house in order, pretty much my whole life back in order.

Our Forever promise!!!

Today's Goals 
  1. Work - I work today from 8-6. I was running late so I might work late. 
  2. Gardening- start to read through my weekly book and see where I'm behind at! I will be playing caugh up a lot with in these few weeks. 
  3. Personal - go throw my paper work and organize. 
  4. Cooking - make taco meat for dinner. 
  5. Cleaning - I am going to use Tuesdays clean card and work on getting the stuff done. 

What are you doing on this rain Tuesday??