Thursday, July 31, 2014

Work it off Thursday- weight in

It has been almost one and half months on Trim healthy Mama diet. As you can see form this weeks menu, I'm finally fully on the diet. The food taste great and I'm not starving! That's the best part of the diet. I'm losing the weight and it's staying off.

My brother wedding and today lost of 8lbs!! 

I am also working out still. I am doing 10 minute workouts. Each day I do either abs, arms, and legs. This way I am focusing on one part of my body every day. 10 minutes are very do able, an I get a good workout in. 

This is the video I did for my arm workout

On top of the diet, I'm walking the dog 3 times a week. The dog is loving the walk. He is the best partner too! He is happy to walk with me too. It also gives us great one on one to work on his commands. I make him sit before we cross every road. I work on heal, come, and leave it, with him to while we are walking. 

TwoGrand app

I have also changes the app that I'm using to help me stay accountable. I'm using TwoGrand. It is free and you can post you meals. This app you don't worrying about logging the calories. Plus I love looking at what others are eating to get ideas! If you want you can look follow me at Missy22giggles.

Daily Goals- July 31st, 2014

     Good morning, I feel like I got a lot done this morning and gave hubby a scary. He isn't normal up when before I go to work. When he got up and saw me in the garden at 7am he got worried I would be late for work. He so cute!

What I can home to last night! We had a n

Today's Goals
  1. Work- Today I work from 8am-6pm
  2. Family Time - tonight we are going to have a campfire. 
  3. Kids Kroner - play outside! It is so nice i want to enjoy the weather with them. 
  4. Gardening - weed 1/2 garden box 4 so I can plant my fall cauliflower and broccoli this weekend. 
  5. Gardening - research more on making my own seed strips. 

What are you doing today? Are you enjoying the weather? 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Reading ~ Free Gardening Kindle Books

Get these while they are free and read along with me! Join me on Facebook at Pa Gardeners!

Daily Goals- Tuesday, June 29, 2014

I got up this morning and got moving. I sleep so much better when hubby's home. Yesterday went well and today should be good.

My spaghetti Squash in the garden bed

Today's goals 
  1. Work - I work from 9am-6pm. Today is movie day so I'm excited the kids love that! 
  2. Cooking- I need to bag up the chicks I bought that way it doesn't go bad. 
  3. Personal - I need to write my weekly goals. 
  4. Workout- I want to walk the dog and do 8-10min arm workout. 
  5. Gardening - weed out garden box. 

What are you doing tody? What are your goals for the day? 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Reading ~ Free Kindle Gardening Books

Get these while they are free and read along with me! Join me on Facebook at Pa Gardeners!

Cooking - Meal Plan for 07/28/2014 - 08/03/2014

I am on the Trim Healthy Momma. This deit has been working very well for me and my body. Come back on Thursday I will explain more about it on workout Thursday. 

My Trim Healthy Mama

My pepper, mushroom, laughing cow cheese omelet

snacks(THM-S) Blueberry Smoothie
lunch(THM-S) Egg omelet With Green Peppers, Mushroom And Laughing Cow Cheese
lunch(THM-S) Chicken Salad With Dressing
snacksGarden Fresh Cucumbers with dip (THM-S) 
dinner Manwich (off plan bc of ingredients)
dinnerTossed Salad
snacks(THM-E) Carrot Cake Smoothie
breakfast(THM-E) Strawberry Shortcake Proteins Overnight Oatmeal
lunch(THM-S) Taco Salad
snacksGarden Fresh Cucumbers with dip (THM-S)
dinnerBreaded chicken
dinnerSweet Potatoes all dinner will be (THM-E)
Add caption
snacks(THM-S) Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie
breakfast(THM-S) Egg omelet With Green Peppers, Mushroom And Laughing Cow Cheese
lunchGrilled Chicken
lunchSweet Potatoes all lunch will be (THM-S)
snacksHomemade greek yogurt
snacksMix Berries - all snack will be (THM-S)
dinner(THM-S) Scrumptious Steak Bites
snacks(THM-FP) Salted Caramel Protein Smoothie
breakfast(THM-E) Cinnamon Roll Baked Oatmeal
lunch(THM-S) Scrumptious Steak Bites
lunchTossed Salad
snacksWasa Crackers
snacksLaugh Cow Cheese - all snack will be (THM-E)
dinnerTaco Chicken- crockpot (THM-S)
My garden cucumber
snacks(Thm -S) Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Shake/Blizzard
breakfast(THM-S) Egg omelet With Green Peppers, Mushroom And Laughing Cow Cheese
lunchTaco Chicken- crockpot (THM-S)
snacksGarden Fresh Cucumbers with Dip (THM-S)
dinnerGrilled Steak with grilled veggies (THM-E)
snacks(THM-E) Carrot Cake Smoothie
breakfast(THM-E) Brownie Batter Overnight Oatmeal
lunchGarden Fresh Cucumber Boats With Tuna (THM-S)
snacksBerry whip (THM-S)
dinner(THM-S) Egg roll In An Bowl
snacks(THM-S) Mix Berry Smoothie
breakfast(THM-S) Omelette With Yellow Squash
lunchGarden Cucumber Salad  - all lunch will be (THM-S)
dinner(THM-S) Carnilas - Crockpot

Mmmm I think the menu looks good! Hubby and the little one will be happy. What are you cooking this week. Feel free to hook up your site to me, that way I see! 

Cooking and Homestead - Homemade Yogurt

In jar is Greek Yogurt, little container regular yogurt, big container whey
Yesterday, I decided to try to make my and homemade yogurt. With the new THM diet I've been following, I have been eating a lot of Greek yogurt. So I was wondering if it was cheaper to make it on my own or to keep buying it from the store. I followed money-saving mom's recipe to make my yogurt.

My milk in the crockpot
The recipe was so easy to follow! I put the milk in the crockpot and I cooked it, that let it sit for a little bit. After that I added already made yogurt to the crockpot. Then I covered it with a towel and left it sit overnight. 

I wasn't impressed with the yogurt. I used a gallon of milk, and 1 cup of Greek yogurt and I got about 2 cups of Greek yogurt out of it. I will try it again though and fix thinks I think I might have mess up

The bowl I mix the other yogurt in and my crockpot in a towel. 
Things I love about making my own yogurt
  • It tasted so much better! It was sweeter than store bought. I don't think you need to add anything. I could have eating it all by myself in one sitting (I didn't)
  • Honestly easy to make- it was so easy to make just took a long time but the stuff I had to do only took 10 mins at the most. Until I drained it that took 1/2 but if I had 2 cheese cloths and use the bigger strainer it would have been 1/2 the time! 
  • Whey- I really want the whey to try these mash potatoes. (Ugh I can't find the recipe) but it will help me use what in the garden with THM approve. 
  • I did get some yogurt for My little one's smoothies. (I will use the extra whey for that too she been really into them and that whey she getting the extra stuff her body needs) it was the extra dripping out of the great yogurt. 

Something's I will change and try again. 
  • I double the recipe but didn't change my cooking time - that might have been why I didn't get a lot. It might not have gotten warm enough. I'm going to try again with the about of the recipe and see if I make more if it does then it will change my mind by a lot. 
  • I don't know how active the yogurt was. - I'm wondering if fresh yogurt will be more active and make more 

*** If I can get 3- 3.5 cup of Greek yogurt out of a gallon. Then yes it will be the only yogurt we eat!!! 

Daily goals- Monday, July 28th, 2014

      Good morning, last night's rain storm made me sleep like a baby. I think I woke up around 3 AM when it was over. But I think it also helps to have hubby home in bed with me.
I got to harvest yellow squash out of the garden this week!! Mmmm I can't wait to eat it for breakfast. What do you like to add to your breakfast? 

My Yellow squash ready to pick
Today's Goals
  1. Work- today I work from 8AM until 2PM. I think I'm pretty sure it's a half-day. 
  2. Garden - I want to finish weeding the driveway beds if the weather lets me. 
  3. Garden - harvest my lemon and pepper. 
  4. Cooking - plan menu for the week and stick to it. 
  5. Cleaning - work on Monday's cleaning list. Have family help to make it go faster. House is pretty cleaned up so we can keep it this way! 
     What are you doing today? What are your goals for the day?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saving Seeds- Start Saving Cucumber Seeds - Part one

My cucumbers are being ready to harvest. This means I can also start to save my seeds, for next year. I ordered this cucumbers are from Self Survival Essentials, and are organic heirloom seeds.

July 24, 2014

Some people people leave the cucumber on the vine until it is huge and yellow. I personal don't do that. Or at least not on purpose. I just use the cucumber seeds that come out when I cut my cucumbers.

My cucumber seeds

If you ever look at a cucumber seed that comes out of a cucumber, it has a mucus cover the seeds. The mucus comes off by fermenting it. I start to fermenting process today. 

The seeds in the jar 

The start of this process is two put the seeds in water. You will see some seeds sink and some float. I just leave them there for now. I will leave the jar uncover and on the counter for 4-5 days
on the counter for the 4-5 days. 

Come back in a week and seed how I get the bad seeds seprated from the good seeds and dry them. 

Are you saving your seeds this year? 

Daily goals - Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Good morning! Hubby will be home today after 2 weeks away for military training. I can't wait. I have miss him so much. I got up already feed everyone, started the wash, did the dishes and started dinner.

Some funny pictures of the cucumber I harvest last night!! 

Today's goals

  1. Cleaning - cleaning the deck off. Hubby is sore so I'm going to have the hot tub ready for him. 
  2. Cleaning - clean the kitchen. Have the table set. 
  3. Cleaning- make the bed! I want Hubby to come home and relax. 
  4. Gardening- I want to weed some of the garden! 
  5. Gardening - take down the green house. So it will be time to plant fall plants!! 

What are you doing today?? 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Daily Goals - Thursday, June 24, 2014

Today has been a busy morning. I got up and drained my yogurt. That took up must of my morning time. I did get a time to wash all the yogurt stuff too!

Today's goals

  1. Work - I work from 8am until ?, honestly I don't really know. 
  2. Homestead - Fix rabbit hutch. Last night, I wasn't able to really put the cage back together, it was lighting and being in a cage of metal didn't seem like the best idea. 
  3. Family - Today is my Tutu's Birthday. I'm going to go to my aunts to celebrate! 
  4. Homestead - post about making my yogurt

I'm only planing 4 goals today, because a lot of my day is questionable. Like what time I get out of work or how long my Tutu's party is going to be. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Daily goals- Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Today I slept in a little bit now it's time to get the house back in order! 

Today's goals
Household- Clean the kitchen. I want to get it all picked up and mopped in the table set and everything ready for Hubby to be home till nice clean house!! 
Household- Clean the porch. The last huge storm we had knockdown everything around our porch and made a huge mess I just have not gotten a chance to clean it. Today I want to clean it and reorganize it. 
Homestead- finish up my chicken broth. I started homemade chicken broth last night I'm hoping to finish it up today and put it in the freezer so that it's ready for when I need it. Nothings better than free homemade chicken broth!!
Homestead- make Greek yogurt. With the new THM food plan that we are following I use a lot of yogurt. So we decided to save some money and make our own Greek yogurt. By making her own yogurt we'll save between $7-$10 a week. 
Gardening- weeding.  I have so much to weed today. Hoping it cools off later tonight and I can get out there and get some of it done! 

 What are you doing today? Are you getting into your garden? Be careful if your outside it suppose to be hot today!! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Daily goals - Monday, July 21st, 2014

Good morning! Life is so busy right now I don't have time for anything! I'm getting so fusteraded and wishing that it would slow down! 
This morning, I woke up walked the dog. Picked wild raspberries, harvest cucumbers. Then started the wash folded the wash and put wash in the dryer. I did the dishes, feed the pets and packed up stuff to make for dinner and lunch at work for the next 2 days! (1 bag of Tupperware, 1 bag of veggies, and 1 bag of meat!)

Today's Goals
Work- I work from 8am-6pm. 
Gardening - I need to harvest some banana peppers tonight! 
Gardening- plant the flowers Hubby's mom gave us! 
Homestead - I have to do my cleaning for today. 
Organization - write weekly menu follow THM for the week. 

I have so much more I want to do today! I really want to get these done! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Daily Goals - Thursday, July 17th 2014

It was a busy morninng! I have been waking up an hour late because I'm so sleepy. Then I'm walking the dog and feeding everyone. Then running out the door.

Skipper on our walk!!

Today's Goals
  1. Work - I work from 8am until 6pm. Today is a home day! We will have fun at the house. 
  2. Family time - After work little one and I are going to hit the book store and do coffee and relax. 
  3. Homestead - I getting so fusteraded with this raccon. It won't stop eating my animals. Today we have to fix the other coop and lock them in it. 
  4. Gardening - Harvesting time, today I am harvesting cucumbers, and yellow squash mmmmm!
  5. Excerise- Today I want to walk the dog, 10 minute ab workout. 

What are you doing today?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Daily Goals- Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Life has been busy crazy here! We have an animal getting our chickens and bunnies. I am also finial starting to harvest stuff out of the garden!
This morning I worked on a lot of my goals. Raspberries are coming in all around me, therefore Skipper and I took a walk to harvest them this morning! I also took some time to plant and mulch my flower bed this morning. 

Raspberries that I harvested this morning! Mmmm
Today's Goals

  1. Work - I work from 8:15am until 6pm. Today will be a fun day, we have some fun things planned. 
  2. Weekly Goals - I haven't really been focusing on them therefore I don't feel like I'm getting a lot done. Today, I want to write my goals. 
  3. Weekly Menu - I'm so lose without writng a menu. Not just at home but at work too. Cooking for 2 families and not having it write down is not helping me. Time to start to write it down. 
  4. Workout- I want to do 5 minutes on the elliptical, and a 15 minute workout on top of that. 
  5. Gardening - work on my driveway garden bed. I have flowers to plant and mulch to put around it. Hopeful I can get it 1/2 way done today. 
What are you doing today? Any fun plan?