Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why Did I Plant Lemon Balm in My Garden


    I have Lemon Balm in my garden for it medical benefits. This winter I found the book 2,000 Secrets of Tea by Victoria Zak. This book was why I planted my garden the way I did this year. I talk to my hubby and decided that I want a garden that would provide good and healthy food and herbs for our family! I have over 13 garden boxes. Only 3 do not have things in them that are healthy in some way for my family.  

    Lemon Balm is thought to relieve tension and aid in respiratory healing. It is also know to clean toxins out of the kidney and urinary tract system. There have been reports that it helps smooth the digestive tract system. Some people even say that it helps distress you. (This is a big one for me!)
   Other thing have heard about lemon balm can be used as insect repellent, tooth polish. The oils have been known to help with bug bits. Some people even turn it into syrup.

     Now be warned Lemon Balm is a member of the mint family, therefore you want to plant it in a pot. If you don’t it might over take you garden!
    After learning about that Lemon Balm was put add in my garden and I love having it. It smells so good!

What do you have growing in the garden?

Father's Day Project Update!

We started our father’s projects today! We started with making the gift they are giving to their Dads (I nanny 4 kids). I wanted to make sure the project had 24 hours to dry.

What you need:
Markers                                                 Scissors                                            Jar         
Glue                                                      Colored Paper                                   Peanuts              

This is such an easy project!

  1. Have Kiddies fill the jars with peanuts.

          2.  Have the little ones put the lid on the jars and glue 4 peanuts to the lid.
          3. Have kiddies cut out a heart or if they are to young, then you can do it) and write "I am Nuts about You" and glue it on.

Yes I know it is the only way i could make it this big

    That is it! Very easy and cheap present, each jar is only $1.50 each. That makes me smile! What are you doing for the amazing Fathers in your life?
       This is a modify project from  Danielle's Place.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 11th thur 17th Week Menu

What are you cooking this Week? Here is what's going on in my kitchen!!

Cereal, strawberries
Pizza, mix veggies, watermelon
Steak, scallion potatoes, Garden peas

Pancakes, oranges
Grandparent suprized us with lunch, leftovers for hubby
Pulled Pork, carrots

Oatmeal, apples
Chicken patties, mix veggies, peaches
Grilled Chicken, mash potato, broccoli

Eggs, watermelon
Mac and Cheese, mix veggies, man. oranges
Ribs, homemade fries, veggies

French Toast, Garden Mulberries
Hot Dogs, Fruit salad, Garden peas w/dip
Cass's Cooking Stroganoff and two sides of her choose (her cooking night)

smoothies, poptarts
Pizza Pockets
Sausage, peppers, onions

Leftovers/ cold sandwich

Sunday is the day of the week I don't cook, I believe everyone needs a day off and the leftovers need to leave the frig. What do you do with your leftovers?

Father's Day

       I have been looking around the web to find ideas for Father's Day Project. We have pulsed, the Letter Ee Week and are working on Father’s Day Gifts. I have seen many ideas, but the one I like the best is “I Am Nuts for you”. I’m going to hit the dollar store tonight and pick up some jars (if you have extra baby food jars they would have worked, but I don’t) for nuts, and maybe some nuts. I want to find some brown bags too. 
On For the baby, there is a cute baby poem.  I will be doing that with my 9 month old. I can’t wait! It has baby foot prints on it and that always makes me smile!!
 Here is the site that I used to make the upcoming projects (Nuts and Baby Poem). I’ll update you on the projects though out the week. Let me know what you have planned for the wonderful Father’s in your Life!!

Zucchini plant!!

             I swear time never slows down! I have many containers filled with start plants, at least over 10 different kinds of plants that need to be planted into the ground. I am going to try to get them all planted by Monday, but we will see because I have work from now until Thursday, and need to weed the area they are going to be planted.  I also have to weed all the rest of my garden boxes too. Yes, it is a lot of work.
         Last night, I got to plant my zucchini plants and weed my garden box 1. I only planted 4 of the 8 zucchini started plants, I grew them from seeds. They are about 3-4 weeks old. The reason I only planted 4 zucchini plants is because one plant give off enough for us for the season. The other plant will give me some to make and freeze zucchini bread mixes. The third plant is to give away. I always have a plant to share, it’s important to share the gifts God gives you and that is why I plant this one. The last plant is an extra just in case something happens to any of the other plants. I do plan on saving seeds of a zucchini on each plant. Look forward to the post explaining how I’m going to do that.
          What did I do with the other 4 zucchini starter plants? I put them on Freecycle  . They are being passed on to two people that were looking to start a garden but didn’t have the funding. I’m so excited that God provide me with the plants to share with others!
         How is your garden going?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Potting Lemon Balm and Impatient

       Last night, I worked on my pots for around the front door area. I have this picture in my head of what I want to see when I walk up to the house! Doesn't everyone?
       In my head, it is a pot coming up the porch in the corner. Then you see my white bench, and there are flowers growing under the bench and there are trees behind the bench and the mint is growing up it. The last thing you see before walking into the house is a flower pot walking by the house. 
     OK I work so there is never enough time in a day to get my dream done so let’s do it step by step. First thing is the plants under the bench! What to plant under there? I bought all together 4 pots of lemon balm. I bought to and thought they died, and bought two more, so I ended up with 4. One of my close friends got me impatient for mother's day so they will look good under the bench. Now my bench faces east so it gets hit with a lot of morning sun. The only problem I have is my pots are white, that not going to work because the bench is white and the flowers are white. One could get lost in all that white. What to do? Spray paint them black. (Only on the outside I don't want the spray paint on my plants!

Steps to spray painting and planting plants in a pot!
  1. Spray paint them black. (OK I should have washed to pots first ugh; this is all trial and error)
2.Pick your pot and check for drainage, I need to add drainage holes so water can get out. To add drainage holes I use a nail and hammer. (you can us a drill, but I didn't feel like pulling it out so hammer and nail was easier) you want to make sure there are enough holes for water to get out because it water sits the plant will die. 
3. Add a layer of rock to the pot. I would add about an inch.
 4. Add a layer of potting soil to the pot. I added the same amount as the rock about an inch. This gives the root a little area to grow. 

5. Now pull the plant out of the pot. To do this you turn it upside down, while holding the base of the plant, and pinch the pot. The plant should come out with ease. 

6. Then break up the root ball. I normal put my thumb and pointer finger in the bottom and expand them gently. 

7. After that put it into the pot and cover with potting soil. I normal hold the plant and add the soil with the other hand trying not to get it on the plant. 

8. The next step is debatable. I put the plant where I want it to go. I do this for a few reasons, to see if I like it and to see if the hose reaches. 

9. The last step water!

The finish project, 2 pots of impatiens and 2 lemon balms!! Happy in their new homes around my wonderful home!

What are you planting in pots? Let me know! Have fun and don't worry about getting dirty!!