Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gardening Tip - Water Seedings with Room Temperature Water

I have never heard about this thought until I read it in Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook. It make a lot of sense. The book says to use a trash can full of water, but I thing a pitcher of water is all I personal need. Then just let it sit where your seedlings are. This lets the water me the temperature of the room that the seeds are. Then water them with that water. This helps not to shock those little seedlings you have growing.

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Gardening Tip- trash cans

While doing my reading, I came across an good idea. Look for sales of trash cans.

There are many ways you can use trash cans in your garden. One way they can be used is to hold water. They can hold the rain water, and then you have water in cases of a drought. I have a well therefore having stored rain water, is a big deal to me.

Another thing you can do with trash cans is to plant potatoes in it. I reading about lasagna gardening and the subjected using trash cans to plant potatoes. They used on hay and the potatoes grow, but I haven't tried it. I have thought about it though, we have many broken trash cans, and they might be turned into potatoes trash can.

Trash cans also be used to put weeds in and pulled to the compost bin. This is a huge help if you don't have a wheel barrel. You can fill it up and then move it, a lot easier than carrying it by hand.

Do you use trash cans in your garden? How would you use them?

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gardening ~ 12 Weeks Before My Last Frost - Bird House

The book I'm reading says to make bird house around the garden. Ok I'm iffy about this because I feel like I'm fighting the birds because they are eating my cherries, and blueberries. They do say birds eat the bugs, but I don't know. I'm still thinking about putting up boxes.

But here are some awesome feeders I have found.,r:5,s:31

Even though I don't know if I want a bird house in my yard, the feeds would be fun to make with my little one for the chicks! Are you going to put a bird house in your yard?


Monday, January 28, 2013

Daily Goals- January 28th 2013

Yesterday I finished all my goals but finding my Zip drive. I going to have to give up on that one for now. We spent fun family time at my parent's house. It was nice just to get together and hang out.

Today's goals-

1. Work 9-3ish ~ this month I'm working all Mondays because my boss is behind at work.

2.make dinner- hhhmmm I didn't figure out the weekly menu. I have to do that's too.

3. Run the fire- with it being so cold out I want to make sure we have a good fire.

4. Transplant seedling- I need to transplant them. That way they have more room to go.

5. Go to bed by 10. Starting this week I have to be at work by 8 so I have to leave 1/2 hour earlier.

What are you daily goals?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Daily Goals - January 27, 2013

We yesterday trip to checkout the tractor was a waste of time. :( It was 1 1/2 trip one way and the owner didn't test it. Therefore when hubby when to see if it fired up, it wouldn't work. So he is a helpful hint to everyone that sells stuff. Check you stuff before you know you have someone coming for it!

Today's goals
1. Make fun-n-mid cupcakes for Mom's Bingo night
2. Plant my lettuce
3. Fill Girl Scout orders -get the cookies
4. Find Zip drive- I have to clean my room or something???? Ugh
5. Make lesson plans for letter Kk

I did good yesterday. I did 4/5, my Zip drive is still MIA but I know it will show up. We did change our date night in to family night and went out to dinner as a family and rented Ice Age. It was nice, everyone was just to sleepy, to have a date night.

What do you have planed for the day? Let me know

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tree Orders Are placed!

I just spent $86 on trees. Wow that is so much money! My goal is to have a property I can raise my family off of.
What did I get?

1 Yellow Delicious

1 Red Delicious

I can't wait for the fruit to come in. It will most likely take 2-3 years for me to get fruit, but after that we will have fruit for the next 20 years. With an investment $11, I think it worth it!

2 Moorpark Apricot trees

When I think of aprotic, I think of my mom and dad’s friend that had a tree outside their home. I can remember being a kid, and just picking the fruit and eating it. I loved it and hope my children ad there kids get the same memories.

2 Paw Paw Trees

I have been looking at Paw Paw trees for a while. I love bananas and hope that these have the taste. I told hubby I want to try to plant a different type of fruit a year, last year we got kiwi. This year I want to try these trees. I should get some fruit in 2 years. Hoping we all like it. If not the chicks won’t go hungry.  

2 Sugar Maples

I want sugar maples, because I want to learn how to tap the trees. I want to make sure we had the best try. We have a friend that taps all his maple trees. He will help us learn when our tress are old enough. I can’t wait real maple syrup. MMmmmm

2 Red Maple

1 Sliver Maple

1 Scarlet Oak

1 Red Oak

1 Sweetgum

1 White Flowering Dogwood

1 Washington Hawthorn

4 Cherry bushes

2 Forsythia

One set of these potato seeds.

All together that is 17 trees coming, plus 2 peach from my aunt, and I still need a friend for my pear. Hubby and I have a lot of planting to come this spring and most will go as a back ground in our yard so we don't have to see the shopping center behind us. Then we have the 4 cherry bushes and the 2 Forsythias to plant. I will have to see where I want them, but sshhhh don’t tell hubby I am not sure where I want them. :) The potatoes were on my list and I decided while placing the order. I should grab them too, instead of paying extra shipping.

What have you been ordering? Are you planting trees this year? If so what kind?

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Snow pictures!

The garden looks so peaceful in the snow. Snow is good for garden did you know that? It was a shock when I read it too. Reason being it add the water to the ground slowly, therefore you don't get erosion. Which can happen if it rains a lot or very hard.

Skipper loves the snow too! He was so excited to get out and play in it. Don't you love our wood pile in the drive away too, we have spend only $375 this year on heating the home, with is great! Once it gets warmer we will move it into the area it belongs cover and that will be enough for this season and start of next!

The chicks aren't happy about the weather! They are hiding in the coop, poor ladies. I sold the last of there eggs this morning, last I was selling this week. They are going to love the treat I get them for the sell of their eggs.

This is my herb garden. I wonder with all this cold weather if any of my herbs will come back up next year. I have leeks, chives, sage, and oregano in there they came back last year. So we will have to see.

Here is Cass flower garden, we planted this figuring every little girl need a safe, place to pick any flowers that she wants and play with them. It also has kept her out of my gardens. We have done this four the last 4 years. She also love that they are near her window and play area.

Another picture of the Vegetable Garden. Skipper loves having his picture taking can't you tell!

What does your garden look like? Do you like the snow on it? Or are you wishing it was springtime?
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Daily Goals~ January 26, 2013

We all got up to a late start today. I made eggs, bacon, and biscuits with gravy for breakfast. Everyone is happy here. Dishes are clean and so is the oven and counters. I'm take in my nebulizer, hubby is teasing me, and Cass is working on cleaning her room. I found out that there is really a tan carpet on her floor. How do you get your preteen to clean there room? Is it a fight worth having? Sometime here is just isn't.

Today's Goals
1. Charge Cass quad
2. Make chicken noodle soup in the crock pot
3. Go look at a trackor hubby found on Craigslist
4. Find my Zip drive
5. Date night

We have a busy day ahead of us. I sold another dozen eggs. That $3 altogether! The can have new bedding. Lol I got done 3/5 of my goals last night, we didn't do movie night. Her room was coming out of her room, so she has to have it clean first. I still can't find my Zip drive. :(

How did you do on your goals?

Friday, January 25, 2013

My crazy life doesn't have time to be sick.

I am feeling better, I'm up and moving. You won't really know I was sick if I didn't have X-rays. I went back to work on Thursday. I nanny so we were inside. They aren't feeling good there either. My poor babies. I'm working a half day on Monday to make up my sick days. This helps me not have to use, my sick days.

I am still on many medicines. I am take a nebulizer. I feel that making the most difference and my beating up my right lung, is really breaking it up. I am also drinking my tea as well. Hubby is on tea with echinacea too. He is not feeling that well, so we are helping his system get better before he is like me.

I'm not one to sit to began with, and the medicines give me energy, but I'm putting all the energy to go use to clean my house. It is scary here, the wash took over the living-room. I still have one I think, and dishes took over the sink. But easy fixes. I got my wash mostly cleaned up and hubby has two basket to put away. Hoping to have it cleaned up before Lukas comes over this afternoon to hang out a little while my brother runs around. That way he is staying in doors.

I also have two people picking up eggs today, I am selling them for a $1.00. I have to many eggs. I will use the extra money toward their feed and bedding. Yes I could get more, but way over charge for something I might have to throw out, if they aren't used and help someone else out wt the same time. At least they are paying a little for themselves. Lol Hubby loves that. He said I can get 3 more this spring! I'm so happy.

Then after that Cass will be home! We are having ham, mash potatoes for dinner, then she is off to dance. Then movie night.

Daily Goals ~ January 24, 2013

Well I'm finally back up and moving. The house and grocery budget was busted this week. Hubby ate out a lot, I just didn't want to cook and forgetting to throw the food in the crockpot. But I was sick so we will just have to make it up within the next few months.
Today goals
1. Family meeting Fridays- I have decided that we all need to sit down and understand what going on for the week. Weekly menu and plans though out the week. (Hubby has decide to stay to the job where he is working 3rd shift, so this meeting will bring us all together and communicate.)
2. Clean the house! - it is a huge mess, but hopeful after today we get back in the routine of our everyday life.
3. Get the freezer- my little brother is going to help my hubby. Thank God I don't think it's a good idea for me to be moving it.
4.Find my Zip drive- I'm so lost without it :(
5. Movie night- after I get the little one from dance, I'm going to stop and grab 2 movies, one for her and one for hubby and me. Make some popcorn and enjoy my life.

Things have been so crazy here. Hopeful your week is going better! Oh hubby got me an new tool instead of my binder he has gotten me my iPad. I have wanted this for months, but would never spent it on myself. He decide that I should have it! I'm so blessed to have this amazing man in my life!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Doctor appointment!

Well apparently I'm getting better, but not good X-rays. I have a mass in my lungs,but he thinks with nebulizer treatments and my hubby doing beating thearpy it should clear and get me to cough it up! Hubby thinks it awesome that he has the doctors permission to beat me. Lol but it more like hitting my back like you would burp a baby.
Well back to bed. I'm heading back to work tomorrow. Getting the machine tomorrow too. I can't wait to be over this cold.
It is hit us money hard, because hubby had to buy his dinner this weekend. So our goal for $150 this month was shot! :(
I did though ham in the crock pot today so he has that for dinner for tonight. He is a huge troop though. He got home Saturday night and by Sunday night I was in the hospital. He hasn't really got any girlfriend time with me. I feel so bad about that. I had amazing plans for us!
I'll keep you guys informed with what's going on with me, and hopeful get my site and garden back to normal soon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hospital Visit

     This week I'd turning out to be a busy one! Sunday night I all of sudden had an allergy attack, I couldn't breathe. I wasn't dying but I was short of breathe. I took a Benadryl but it didn't help, so I took another one still not helping much. I couldn't figure out what was making me have the attack. I decide to go to work, I really thought it was an allergy attack and my boss house is so clean and I haven't had an attack there before. I popped a Benadryl and left. Well it didn't really clear up and I was feeling so much worst when I got home. I decide to call the doctor. It was 9 pm thank God I have an amazing doctor, I told him what was going on and he was going to get me scribes to get medicine that night and see him first thing in the morning. After talking to him for 5 minutes he decide to send me to the hospital. 4 hours later, 6 tubes of blood, urine test, 2 X-rays, and EKG ~ I was diagnosed with pneumonia.

     The doctors have but me on 3 different kinds of medicine. :(

Dr. Medican
     Now I, also taking echinacea, honey and chamomile tea. Echinacea is used to help fight infections. (Read more here) I grew it in my garden this yard and just bought seeds to grow more. Last fall I also made echinacea tonic. This is use add to tea or a few drops on your tongue, I use it in the tea so I don't taste it. (Here is a video on how to make your own tonic) Honey is good for the body to help build the immune system. (Read more here) Chamomile tea is use to help you sleep. I really need it because I have only slept 7 ours in the last 72 hours and that is not good for my body. I personal need 7-9 hours of sleep.

          Here is hoping this clears up soon and I'm back to normal. What do you do when you get sick? Have you every had pneumonia? How long did it take for you to get over it?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gardening~ 13 & 12 Weeks before Average Date of Last Frost

According to my book Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook, we are on 12 weeks before last frost. This week is shared with week 11 too. I am putting week 13 and 12 together because I missed last week, being sick.

Weekly Gardening Goals

1. Build a Cold Frame
2. Plant Rutabaga, Collards, Lettuce, Kale, Swiss Chard, Strawberry, Echinacea
3. Check seedling- make sure they are water when needed
4. Make bird house

How are you doing in your garden? Are you staying on track with the weeks?


Green Onion from scraps- Update

I cut this out of my pot I have been growing in the house. This is a way to save money and have health organic herbs on hand. (here is how I started them)

This green onions have started root, and I will plant them outside come spring. For now I will let them grow and use them in recipe.
Do you have an thing scraps growing in the kitchen, that you use though out the year?

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Spinach & Ricotta Cheese 25 minute dinner ~ Recipe

This recipe is a keeper! I found it in Family Feasts for $75 a Week: A Penny-wise Mom Shares Her Recipe for Cutting Hundreds from Your Monthly Food Bill on pg169. I did change the recipe a little to work for my family. I also made this two different ways, one for my family and one for my boss's family. They wanted sausage add to the recipe.

1 lb of bow-tie pasta
2 tbsp and 1/2 tsp of olive oil
4-6 green onions
10 oz of frozen spinach
1 tsp of salt
1 tsp of black pepper
1/4 tsp of ground nutmeg
1 1/2 cups of  ricotta cheese

Step 1 - Add 2 Tbsp of olive oil to a deep skillet, heat over med heat, and I add my chopped green onions right away. (These were grown from scraps in my window sill.) Meanwhile put water on for pasta.
 Step 2 - If you are adding the sausage, is to cut them out of the casing and into little meat balls. (We add 2lbs of meat)
Step 3 - Add the sausage to the pan, and brown it. Add salt, pepper and nutmeg to the pan too.
Step 4 - Add the pasta to the boiling water. I don't add salt, to my meal. My boss does like it so this is when I add the salt to her pot. I also add a 1/2 tsp olive oil to the pot. (this helps the noodles not stick together)
Step 5 - Add the spinach. (the book says to squeeze the spinach dry) I did not do this, because I want the spinach juice to be more of a sauce.
Step 6 - Add the ricotta cheese, cook it until warm.
Step 7 -  Add the cooked pasta to the spinach mixture.
Step 8- Serve!

This recipe is great! It was easy and fast and tasted great!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekend off

Sorry you haven't heard from me today and yesterday. Hubby got home today!! I'm so excited! We are enjoying our time together. I'll be back tomorrow with my weekly menu, my weekly goals, week 13 gardening goals. And what I have done this week.
See you tomorrow :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How I transplant my sprouted seeds

Transplanted Spouts :)
Today I got time to transplant the rest of my leeks, 5 of my curly parsley, and 1 flat leave parsley. Here is what I did.
1. I found my clean pots (click here to see how I clean my pots with vinegar)
My Clean pots
 2. I label my pots.
3. I use my homemade dirt (click here to read how I made my dirt)

4. Fill the pot up and inch. I do this so the roots have room to grow on the bottom.

5. I add the pellet to the dirt.

 6. I gentle hold the plant so I can add the dirt.

7. I add the dirt. I use a cup so I couldn't take a picture.

8. If there are many of the seeds that spouted I'll transplant them all together in a couple of weeks see which ones are the best.

9. I don't pat down the dirt, so a little will sink down. I water from the bottom so most won't sink and it will get the root more room to span out. I also water at the bottom hoping that it will help the roots want to grow toward the bottom.

This is how I get my transplants ready for the garden. They will stay in this pots until April. They will be move to the green greenhouse and then to the big one before they get planted. That will happen when there is not more room in the basement, for them.

Do you transplant your pellet in bigger pots, or just plant them with the pellet?