Thursday, January 30, 2014

Daily goals- Thursday, January 30, 2014

Good morning the last two weeks were crazy! I work 4 days each week and hubby was on military training. So I didn't have anytime to breathe. Plus this cold weather is killing me!! I'm so sick of it. They are calling for more snow next week and huge strom that weekend. Ugh I'm so over the snow. 
Today's goals 
1. Work- I work from 8am-6pm. We are in the house today, it's so cold. 
2. Workout- yoga this afternoon. I have a kink in my neck that is messing with my back. 
3. Couponing- I have 3 stores to shop at tonight. The deals are awesome, soda for hubby, part of little one brithday gift and food. 
I'm only giving myself a little to do because when I get home I'm going to be over whelmed. What are you doing today?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Free Gardening Kindle Books

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Couponing ~ Redner's Deal of the week

This week Redner's has an amazing deal on yogurt and shredded cheese!
My 1st Redner's Trip

If you buy five yogurts and use one newspaper coupon and one printed coupon from, then use the stores yogurt coupon and Kraft cheese coupon. Your total will be $4. 

This deal works out wonderful for me because my little one has yogurt every day with her lunch and cheese is always necessity for casseroles or taco salads so it's a great thing to stock up on! 
Both items can be put in the freezer and will last about three months! I am going to do this whole deal three times that way I have 15 yogurts and 15 packs of cheese in my freezer. 
After that I'm going to do the yogurt deal another two times. The yogurt is a money maker. So I will be adding produce to my transaction, to use that last dollar. 
Hopefully before the sale is over I will have about 25 to 30 yogurts, 15 packs of cheese, four apples, and two peppers. For $12!! 
You can check out this site to get more details on where to get the right coupons for the cheese  and yogurt

Are you shopping at Redner's today? What are the deals that you're looking at getting?

Daily Goals ~ Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ok this year is a rough year in the being, that's why you haven't heard from me lately. I got me rabbits. I hope to tell you all about them later today. We also lost water, our well pump went. Ugh that sucked. Then stress of hubby going on military leave. My future SIL being herself. Then this soon, and cold weather. I have been over stressed out.

Ok This morning, I got some of my morning chores. I didn't do the dishes. There isn't that many and I don't want to waste the water.

Today's Goals
  1. Work~ I work from 8am-6pm. We have been stuck inside all week. I'm done being in inside. The little ones are doing better than me.
  2. Couponing ~ I have to go to Redner's and get yogurt and produce. I want to stop at the acme and get my free pasta sauce.
  3. Blog ~ I want to tell you about my Bunnies, Ivory and Shadow.
  4. Clean ~ I want to pick up the living room and vacuum.
  5. Fire~ I need to make sure this fire is running, most of the time. With the weather I the single digits it is making my house so cold. If we didn't have the heater, I think I would be freezing. I'm so sick of the cold weather.
What are you doing today?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Daily Goals- Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Good morning. Getting up this morning wasn't easy. I was cuddle in between hubby and my pup. It was so warm and cozy. I did get up and start my morning chores. I woke up my little one 15 minutes early to play with our new additions. She was happy to get up early! 

Today's goals 
1. Work - I work from 8am- 6pm. 
2. Shopping- I want stop at CVS, Petco, and Wegmans 
3. Kids Kroner- today little one has school and I'm taking little man to art and lunch out. It will be nice. 
4. Cleaning- I want to vacume the house.  With 4 indoor pets right now. I want to make sure to keep up on the house.
5. Play with the pets- I know we are going to be giving the bunnies attention and I want to make sure the dog and cat don't feel left out. 

What are you doing today? 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Free Kindle gardening Books

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Workout Goals ~ Week of 9th- 16th, 2014

New week new goals! I got on the scale last week and was 160 lbs. That is a lot for my body, because I am only 5'2". I was so upset with myself. My goal was to get out if 160. Guess what?? I did it. I got on the scale yesterday morning and I weighted 154.2! I lost more than 5 lbs. 

That makes me want to stay focused, and hopeful get out of the 152 by next week. I know that it is hard, because that is 2 lbs I want to lose. I can do it! 

Weekly Goals
Thursday - Monthly Workout Challenge  (I have work and won't make it to the gym) 
Friday - One hour of gym and Monthly Workout Challenge
Saturday - Zumba and Monthly Workout Challenge
Sunday - Monthly Workout Challenge and walk the dog
Monday - Monthly Workout Challenge, hour on the bike at the gym, and walk the dog
Tuesday - Monthly Workout Challenge, and walk the dog
Wednesday - Monthly Workout Challenge and Wii workout

I started using my Lose It app. I love it! I think that is a huge part of all my weight lost. It make you truly see what you are eating and putting into your body. I have it set to lose 2 lbs a week. I'm not perfect and go over the count sometimes but it helps a lot to stay on track. 

My Weekly Lose It Chart

Here is how I did last week. I didn't make it to the gym. The storms that came in though out the weekend where bad and trapped me in my house. I did though stay on my Monthly Workout Challenge! I can do 65 push ups! I'm so proud of myself. 

Last Weekly Goals
Thursday - Monthly Workout Challenge  (I have work and won't make it to the gym) 
Friday - Body Works Plus Abs, (I will do a workout video if we get the bilizard they are calling for) and Monthly Workout Challenge. ~ We got a lot of snow, I shoveled instead of going to the gym.
Saturday - Zumba and Monthly Workout Challenge. ~ roads were bad, I didn't leave the house.
Sunday - Yoga video and Monthly Workout Challenge.
Monday - Monthly Workout Challenge 
Tuesday - Workout with the wii fiitness as a family and Monthly Workout Challenge. ~ been so drained after work.
Wednesday - Monthly Workout Challenge.

How are you doing on your workout goals? Did you make a New years goal to get in shape? Let me know 

Here is My Workout Journey thought 2014

Daily Goals- Wednesday, January 9, 2014

Good morning, getting up has been so hard this week. I haven't been able to fall asleep until 11-11:30. I end up kick hubby out of the bedroom last night. I was so sleepy. I did though end up getting all my morning chores done. 

Today's Goals
  1. Work - I work from 8am-6pm. Today is my last day of work. We are still stuck in the house because it is so cold out. 
  2. Workout - I am behind on my calories. So I want to do some type of workout maybe the little ones and I will do yoga. 
  3. Family - I have been so beat after work, the poor hubby has been on his own. Tonight I want to get a movie and snuggle with him tonight.  
  4. Reading - Today I want to work on finishing Peter 2 in the bible today.
Today I didn't give myself to many goals. I have been so beat afterwork. I haven't want to do anything. So today I'm not going to push myself to much! What are you doing today? 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weekly Goals - January 7- 14, 2014

This is the 1st set of Weekly Goals for 2014. I have set many goals for 2014, and the only way I know to work toward them is to do it a little at a time. I'm going to break down my 2014 Yearly Goals littler weekly goals. This helps me not become overwhelmed  and stressed.

My Weekly Goals

  1. Family - Write a love letter to hubby. He really loves this and make him feel special. That is how I want him to feel. 
  2. Self - stick to my weekly workout goals. Every Thursday I post a new goal for the week and update you on how I'm doing. Here is this week Workout Goals- the Week of January 2nd ~ 9th, 2014.
  3. Friends - I know one of my friends didn't have much money to order some cool new seeds, so I'm going to share some of the ones I just got! 
  4. Church- this weekend will be my and my daughter's 1st week back to church. Plus hubby said he would go. This is huge because he hasn't be in church since before we meet. (Over 7 years ago.
  5. Pets - I am planning to walk the dog this week. I am going to walk him in the morning. This week I'm planning on walking him for 15 minutes. We both are out of shape, and it cold so I want to do start walking him in small steps. Plus getting up earlier is going to be hard. 
  6. Gardening - Stick to my gardening goals.  On Fridays I post my gardening goals for the week. This helps me keep up with my gardening in small sections. I have over 11 gardening beds and hoping to plant 6 more veggie beds and 6 herb beds this year. You can check out this weeks goals at Gardening ~ 28 Weeks After my last frost ~Weekly Goals.
  7. Finances - sit down with hubby set out our yearly finance goals, and start this month budget. Ugh not looking forward to this, because money talk always  stressful for us. After watching, my parents almost spilt up over money. I don't want to ever be their. 
  8. Reading- I'm reading "A Pocket Guide to Herbs".  I'm hoping to read 1/2 of this week. I also want to finish listen to Peter 1 & 2 in the Bible this week. 
  9. Work- I work 3 more days this week. 
  10. Blogging- I want to reach out an read more blogs like mine. 
This week is going to be a busy week. So much I want to get done.  What are you doing this week? Attach you blog site if you have one with your goals! If you don't blog, let me know what you are planning on doing.

Daily goals- Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Good morning it is super chilly this morning here, when I woke up it was 6° outside. It was hard to dad about this morning but I did and I got all my morning chores done. Hubby said he would check on the chickens a few times throughout the day to make sure that they have water that isn't  frozen over.

Today's goals
  1.  Work ~ I work from 8 AM until 6 PM. Today were going to be stuck inside all day temperatures not supposed to get higher than 12° F. 
  2. Reading ~ I found a new herb book called,  "A Pocket Guide to Herbs". I can't wait to start the book,  this is going to help me a lot with my 2014 Yearly Goals. I will be working towards two goals at once. 
  3. Weekly goals- write my weekly goals for this week
  4. Cooking - today I'm going to try a new recipe, it is called Toasted Garlic and Sweet Pea Pasta, by Rachael Ray. I am hoping my hubby will like this recipe we are adding chicken to it to make a good dinner recipe! 
  5. Gardening - take out my herbs that I'm going to put it inside, I didn't get to this yesterday.
Yesterday's goals
  1. Work~ I work from 8am-6pm. This will be my first full week back to working in about a month. I hope the kids take it easy on me. ~ I love to be back to work this week! I miss my little one so much! 
  2. Couponing~ This week, I'm getting back into couponing. It is going to be hard this month money wise. Therefore I need to save penny, I can. ~ I got to my coupon inserted cut yesterday there were five inserts altogether in Sunday's paper! It was a great need to start back on couponing.
  3. Workout~ Today I'm  going to work on getting back on track of Workout Goals- the Week of January 2nd ~ 9th, 2014. ~ I got yesterday's workout done. 50 push ups, yesterday! 
  4. Cleaning ~ I want to work on picking up the office. This is the only room in the house that is a huge mess. It is time to start to organize it. ~ I didn't get to is. I was so sleepy yesterday.
  5. Gardening~ I'm going to work on my Gardening ~ 28 Weeks After my last frost ~Weekly Goals by picking out my seeds. ~ I didn't get to this, I ran out of time during nap-time. 
I had such a busy day planned and so tired. This will be my last week the coffee so worried about not having it next week. Hopefully the green tea will help me stay awake! What do you have planned for the day?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Free Gardening Kindle Books

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Cooking ~ Meal Plan for 01/06/2014 - 01/12/2014

breakfastBagel With Cream Cheese
lunchChicken Nuggets
dinnerTaco Salad
lunchBologna Sandwich
dinnerToasted Garlic And Sweet Pea Pasta
lunchRed Pepper
dinnerFour Cheese Macaroni
lunchMix Veggies
dinnerRed Beans And Rice With Ham
lunchlasagna Cups
lunchTossed Salad
dinnerChicken And Dumplings
lunchBologna Sandwich
dinnerPotato Pancakes

Here is what we are cooking this week. What is on your Menu? Link it up, I would love to see it!

Daily Goals~ Monday, January 6th, 2014

I had a lazy weekend. I didn't feel like doing much and weather was yucky around me. Today, I'm hoping to get my butt back in gear. I'm starting my only coffee and water diet today. Everything else is going to be cut out. I have stayed on tact of my  Monthly Goal Challenge and my calorie count. Not perfect but keeping up with it.
This morning was a busy morning but I got all my morning chores done. I left the chicks out today. It is raining but nice. They will be locked up again tomorrow and have been locked up all weekend, because of the cold weather.

Today's Goals
  1. Work~ I work from 8am-6pm. This will be my first full week back to working in about a month. I hope the kids take it easy on me.
  2. Couponing~ This week, I'm getting back into couponing. It is going to be hard this month money wise. Therefore I need to save penny, I can.
  3. Workout~ Today I'm  going to work on getting back on track of Workout Goals- the Week of January 2nd ~ 9th, 2014 
  4. Cleaning ~ I want to work on picking up the office. This is the only room in the house that is a huge mess. It is time to start to organize it.
  5. Gardening~ I'm going to work on my Gardening ~ 28 Weeks After my last frost ~Weekly Goals by picking out my seeds.
What are you doing today? What are your goals?

Friday, January 3, 2014

Gardening ~ 28 Weeks After my last frost ~Weekly Goals

My book
Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook, is how I manage my many gardening. I have so much going on in my gardening plans, but never remember or know when without this book. I have told so many of my friend to buy the book. They love it too.

Weekly Goals

  1.   Sow some culinary herbs - I will sow basil, mint, parsley and chives. This week. I will be able to use them thoughout the season, then plant them outside in herb garden.
  2.  Cleaning - I have so many started pots to clean. I like to start most of my plants inside. That way my growing season is longer. This is imporant for my area! So I have many pots to clean. I want to clean at least enought starters to start 140 plants. 
  3.  Research wheat plants and how to have them growing. This will be my first year growing wheat so I want to have as much information, on wheat as I can. 
  4.  Order seeds - This year I'm ordering a lot of seeds from Braker Seed Company. They are Non-GMO organic heirloom seeds.  I'm doing this so I can start to save seeds and get a better seed for my area. I'm so excite to save my seeds, it will save me so much money.

What are you doing in your garden? 

Daily Goals - Friday, January 3, 2014

Good morning, well afternoon. It was along night for us. The snow worried us because home had a lot of driving today. I'm also sore because of my workout push up challenge. It is challenge is hard if you don't normal workout. 

Today's Goals
1. Keep the fire going. It is suppose to get very very cold tonight. I have to make sure the house stays warm. Right now it is at 66' hoping to get it in mid 75'. 
2. Bills- ugh it's Friday! I hate paying bills, because I always feel broke afterward. This year though we are focusing on our bills and paying things off.
3. Gardening- cleaning pots today! I will start to plant some herbs to try to grow though out the winter to cook with. But I need my started pots clean.
4. Shoveling the drive way! No gym today, have about 1 hour of shoveling to do. That's over 350 carlories. 
5. Cleaning- I would like to vacuumed and sweep up the house. 

What do you have planned for the day? Are you playing in the snow or wishing it was gone? Time to shovel!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reading ~ Free Gardening Kindle books


'Proper Houseplants Care' by Ahsan Raza

'Growing Vegetables: KnolKhol, Lettuce and Zucchini' by Roby Jose Ciju  

Get these while they are free and read along with me! Join me on Facebook at Pa Gardeners!

Workout Goals- the Week of January 2nd ~ 9th, 2014

Oh my Goodness, I'm back up to 160! How do I keep doing this? I have a year to lose the weigh, so I can fit into my mother's wedding dress on our wedding date. That means I have to stick to the workout plan! I have 40lbs to lose!

Weekly Goals
Thursday - Monthly Workout Challenge  (I have work and won't make it to the gym) 
Friday - Body Works Plus Abs, (I will do a workout video if we get the bilizard they are calling for) and Monthly Workout Challenge
Saturday - Zumba and Monthly Workout Challenge
Sunday - Yoga video and Monthly Workout Challenge
Monday - Monthly Workout Challenge 
Tuesday - Workout with the wii fiitness as a family and Monthly Workout Challenge
Wednesday - Monthly Workout Challenge

I'm also going to do My Monthly Workout Challenge. This will help me focus on one area of the body's month and put it in shape. 

I'm going to use my lose it app, to help me stay on track with what I'm eating. It helps me realize how much junk, I eat and helps me cut back. It also helps me stay on track to lose the weight. 

What are your workout goals this week?

New Year & New Workout Goals - Monthly Challenge

Thanks to pinstrest

One of my 2014 New Year's Goals, was to do a monthly exercise challenge. This month I am going to do this workout challenge with anyone that want to join my girlfriend Reen and I.
I will be doing this workout in addition to my weekly workout goals. I also am going to start to eat right and counting my calories on my Lose It app. 

Are you working on getting in shape? Do you want to join me on my this workout challenge? Let me know how you are doing!!!

Daily Goals ~ Thursday, January, 2, 2014

It was hard to get up though. This morning was the 1st morning I had to get up at 5:30am, to get my morning chores done. I did get them done though. It was funny the only person excited to see me up early was the cat. She was happy to be feed. The chicks yelled at me and the dog stole my spot. I had to get the little one up early too, its her 1st day back to school.
Today is my 1st day back to work! I have missed  them and can't wait to see them. I have so many fun thing planed for this year!

Daily Goals
  1. Work ~ I work form 8am-6pm today. I hope the upcoming storm holds out until 6pm, that way I don't have to worry about it.
  2. Workout ~ Today is the 2nd day in My Monthly Workout challenge. I'm so excited, today is 45 push ups. It might be hard but hopeful get my back and arms in shape!
  3. Cleaning ~ Today is cleaning the bathroom, and putting way wash.
  4. Gardening ~ Get my herb seeds I'm going to plant in the basement ready. I want to have the ones I'm going to plant together.
  5. Reading ~ I'm going to look though my kindle and find a good Aquaponic book and start to read it. I have so many I got for free. time to learn more about it, in less than 6 month hubby and I are going to try it!
What are you doing today? Do you write list to help you figure it out? Let me know.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Yearly Goals!

2014 Goals


1.       Family Game Night ~ I want to bring back game night. The games will be every Monday night.  It is important that my family stops what they are doing and puts down the electronics and play together.

2.       Coffee Time ~ My little one and I going to have coffee every Friday before she goes to her dad’s house.  This will give us one on one time together. This will also give her a chance to tell me everything. I want to start this now.

3.       Date Night ~ Once a month Hubby and I go out on a date. Whether is it to lake for a picnic or out to dinner. I want once a month for us to have time for just us.

4.       Family letters ~ Write  letter once a month, to Hubby and My little one. I also want to write a letter to my tutu and my Grandpop.

5.       Take at least 5 fun trips this summer. I would like to take out the boat at least 4 times, to go camping at least 4 times. I would also like to do one theme park, one weekend at the beach, and pick peaches and apples this year. I would like also to visit at least one historical site and go to a museum.


1.       I want a visitor friendly home. I know the house can’t be perfected, but I want to keep up on it.

2.       Cleaning the home ~ I’m going to follow my daily chore list and try very hard not to push it off. A clean home means a calmer and more organized me.

3.       Declutter the house ~ once a month go through a room in the house and get rid of stuff we don’t use. I will earth sell it or put it on It is time to go through what we need and don’t need.

4.       Start a house binder and stick with it. This will help me stay organized.

a.       Have s section for meals, weekly goals, daily goals, cleaning routine, finances, and business. Hiving it all to get there will help me stay organized.


1.       Make time to have Friends ~ hubby and I are not really people persons. It is hard for us to trust people coming into our home after how many people screwed us I the pass. Trust is a hard thing for us. It is time to have people in our life’s and learn to trust them again.

2.       Summer Time Picnics ~ During the summer, I want to have 2 picnics a month. I want to invite everyone we know and if they come they come. It time we make friends and get out of our shell. We have the land and the time.

3.       Do one act of kindness toward of a friend. Like stopping buy and dropping of a little homemade gift, or spending time with them, or bring soup and dinner if they are sick. It is time I stop thinking of me, me, me and think about others.


1.       Get back to church! ~  last year I stop going, more because they made me feel really pressured on getting married and I didn’t feel conferrable there. Hubby and I have set a date and are saving up to it, I feel more conferrable going.

2.       Reading the Bible ~ I want to Finish the New Testament and start the Old Testament this year. I have done so much better with reading and learn the bible. I think it is important for me to know what God expects from us.

3.       Get involved in the church life ~ my church is a bunch of close people ad they work as a close community. To me that is important. I want to be part of that and be close with my sisters.

4.        Doing Acts that would make God happy ~ I want to donate, or share my time more. I want to give back more than I did this year.

5.       Do Scripture study with my little one daily~ She need to get use to reading and learn what the Bible means.


1.       Chickens ~ I want to make their coop bigger.

a.       Also get more chickens, maybe 4 or 5 this year.

b.      I also want to spend more time with them as they are babies. This makes them a lot close to use and makes them saver

2.       Cat ~ She is the easiest pet we have. I want to take pellets and build her a room for her to spent time in or hide.

3.       Bees~ This year will be my first year with Bees. I want to learn so much about them and watch them grow and help in the garden.

a.       I need to learn how to take care of them and find a class on them.

4.       Aquaponics ~ I want to give it a try  this year. We found one that we can make cheaply. I want to give it a try when the fish stores start to have the fish I need.

5.       Dog ~ I have been a horrible dog owner. I love my dog, pet and take care of him. But I don’t walk him like I should. This year I want to walk him 3 times a week. He needs it and so do I.

a.        I also want to train him 3 times a week. He is a very well trained dog, but because we don’t do it most the time, he doesn’t listen like he should.


1.       Grow 500 lbs for food out of the garden ~ I didn’t do a great job of keeping a list of the food I harvest from my gardens. This year a want to do a better job and stay on top of it.

2.       Keep up on weeding and mulching the garden~ this is going to be hard, because I work and have busy weekends, but I’m thinking if I can spend 15-30mins in the garden a day this will be easier. Plus I should then be able to stop issues before the get big.

3.       Try to save seed from all my plants ~ I went total Non-GMO organic Heirloom seeds this year. I cost a lot of money. Hopefully it is only a one time buy and I can save the seeds. This is also better for my garden because you in time will get the best seeds for you area.

4.       Donate ~ I want share some for the stuff I grow I my garden. I was really nice to share my Pineapple sage jelly this year with my mothers and friends.  I want to be able to do that.

5.       Store garden harvest ~  I want to store more stuff that comes out of the gardening that way I can have it after the season is over. This will help me save money and eat healthier.

a.        I want to learn how to use my pressure cooker.

b.      I want to dehydrate more fruits and veggies.

c.       I also want my cold storage to be useful.


1.       Learning more about herbs~ I want to take this year and learn about herbs and how they can help the body. I want to find a way to share this information, I learn with my little one.

2.       Find wood and season it for this winter. We spend $200-300 on wood a year. That just stupid, if can get it for free. This could be a lot of hard work, but it could save us money. We have 3 trees that need to come down, and my parent have trees in their yard. Time to get free wood and stop paying for it. I don’t want to sell the wood, just have enough for our family.

3.       Eat healthier ~ I want to eat out only once a month.

a.       I would like to make sure we have fruit and salad in the house to go with dinner. I also want to eat more food out of the garden.

b.       I also want to add herds and teas to our diets, so we can have the benefits of them.

4.       Reading ~ Reading is important for your body and mind. It help me distress and get out of my world. I want to read 24 books this year.

a.       I also want to do more book reviews. I want to review the book that I have read and let people know my opinion on the book. I think this is important to know how to take about what you read.

5.       Exercise ~ I need to get in shape! I have 40lbs I need to lose to fit into my mom’s wedding dress.

a.       I want to do at least 3 days of cardio, if that is walking the dog or hitting the gym I want to get it in. I need to get moving.

b.      Once a month start a monthly challenge, there are plunk, legs, abs, or anything you can think of. But this way once a month I’m focus in one part of my body daily and still working out.

c.       Yoga once a week. Yoga give you time to stop and stretch and stop stressing about the world! It is an important thing, to do for your body!

      1.       Get focused on it ~ I have so many ideas, but I don’t write them down.

2.       Give myself 30 minutes a day to work on the blog. That way I will alsswyas have my daily goals, and free books posted.

3.       Work on a daily posts, whether it is garden goals or weekly menu. Just work on posting them.

4.       Facebook page ~ attach the Facebook link to most of my post, also post more of my blog on Facebook.

5.       Hook up with other blogs and work with them to get my numbers bigger.

6.       Focus on my garden more and more about growing ~ The blog is about my life, but gardening seems to be bring people in.


      1.        Stop using Credit Cards! ~ this is going to be the hardest thing for hubby and I. It needs to be done! I want to get out of debt and if we stop using cards we can do it so, much easier.

2.          Pay off 7 credit cards ~ yes it is sad to say we have that many. I hoping to pay them all off and start fresh.  It will help our credit score and make it easier for us.

3.          Pay off the wedding. We still owe over $1000 on our place plus the carter and drinks. There are many little things to that are important.  I’m hoping to put money aside a month, plus use the 52 Week challenge to have money aside for the wedding. It is very important to me that we pay in cash no cards for our wedding.

4.          Black Friday ~ Ok my favorite day of the year! I shop, I love to shop, but hate spending money. This is the only time I let myself shop a lot is on Black Friday. This year sucked. Because we didn’t have more than $400 to spend. Yes that sounds like a lot, but I hae over 30 people to shop for. This year I’m going to do the 52 week challenge and ask hubby to do it too (out of our personal money) that way we will have a lot of money to spend and it will be fun. Yes, one day a year I save up $1000 and have it to spend on my friends, family, my little one, hubby and myself. I’m ok with that.

5.          Couponing ~ this year I got back into couponing late in the year.  I will be honest t is a huge help having what my family use and not having to spend any extra money in December on meals for my family, (I used what we have in the basement). I was able to bring food to place and cook dinner, and lunch for friends. I was nice not to have to stress about food. This year I want to coupon starting in January and stop in November. Giving my December to eat though the stock pile and have less stress.