Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sept 18th

      Yesterday was crazy busy. I woke up at 6:30, text my baby girl. Then did a load of wash, feed the chickens, cat and dog.  Also put together even thing, I need to take with me for dinner.  After that I ran out the door.  After that I got to work and had my 2 babies all day with my third joining me at one. We decide to skip the library because of the storm that was coming, and to make it a cooking day. We made Apple Bread to go with our A week theme. It was so much fun.  After that we had our regular schedule day. Then during nap-time I cooked two dinners (mmm broccoli-cheese-casserole-with-rice I add 2 chicken breast that are cooked and diced) and used the Foodsavers to freeze chicken, and turkey I got from the farmers market.  Then headed home and dropped off dinner to hubby. After that went to a Pto function. I helped out until 8:15, and then had to run to my parent’s house to pick something up. After that I got home ate dinner. Had some alone time with hubby and bed! It was a crazy day!!

I'll post picks of Apple Bread and recipe hopeful tonight!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Week of Sept 17- 24

   This Week is a busy one. Even though my baby is not home, I have 3 other babies this week. I work 8:30-6 four days this week.
   This week I am starting the Alphabet with my 1 year, and restarting it with my 3 year old. We are going to do so many fun activates! Tune in to seem!
   Also I have market day event on Tuesday night. It is a chair, I hold in my daughter’s school. It is important to me to be as involved as possible so I know what is going on in my daughter’s life, when I’m not there.  
   This week is also my hubby is trying to get a deer! Therefore he isn’t home during day to work on house. But if he puts a deer in our house that would help us so much by putting food in our house. For the last 3 times he went out he hasn’t gotten anything but he has seen doe in one of our friends, then a buck today. But he was never able to get the shot. (Buck not in season either) I will try to get on this week and also post about the herbs! Sorry about last week! 

Menu for this week!
Waffle, Strawberries
Cheese sandwich, grapes, peas
Pork and mushrooms over potatoes, green beas
Stuff apples

Cereal, banana
Raviolis, bread and apples
Broccoli & cheesy chicken casserole
Apple bread

Pancakes, strawberries
Fish sticks, corn, grapes
Apple Bread

Cereal, banana’s
Mac and cheese mix with peas,  apple
Stuff chicken, bake potatoes, corn
Apple crisp

French toast, banana
Stroganoff, peas
Apple Bread

Pancake day (I’ll post which ones the family picks)
Bologna sandwich, purple pepper,  watermelon
Hot Dogs, Beans, and corn on the cob (fire pit dinner, special family time)


What are your plans for the week? What is on the menu? Let me know!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I love herbs! I have so many in my garden. There are many reasons why I love them!
1. They make food taste better.
2. They are easy to grow.
3. They have oils in them that make them smell good.
4. They have medical property!!
Now, know these this is why I grow herbs. I research what I grow, and telling everyone to do the same. Don't take any herbs without researching them and talking to you doctor.
Now hopefully this week I'll get a chance to tell you about herbs I have in the garden and how I'm harvesting them and trying to save them for uses, and the ways I'm planning on using them.
What herbs do you grow and why?