Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gardening - 6 weeks after last frost - planting

Doesn't look amazing yet but will shortly

    My second goal this week is the frist goal that I got done. It was to Plant the rest of my peppers and orka- I started to plant them but haven't gotten to finsh it.  I need to plant the front box. I want to plant these awesome pepper plants and tomato plants there. I also want to plant my orka there. (To be honest I love their flower and can't wait to see it bloom). While getting my orka out of the green house I saw lost of sunflowers and calendula. Therefore I decide to plant them in that bed too. I also bought red, white and blue petunias for that bed to show my patriotic side.

I can't wait to see the flowers blooming!

     This bed was a mess and short on dirt. I forgot to take a picture of it before. But it was a mess. It took 5 wheelbarrels of dirt and 4 wheelbarrels of mulch to fill up the box. I also filled up 2 wheelbarrow weeds. It was a long process. It took me 2 nights to finish it up. 

Can you find the tiny tomato and pepper?

     I know it doesn't look like a lot now, but in a few weeks it should look awesome! I can't wait to see my hard work pay off. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gardening - 6 week after last frost - planting flowers

     The 1st goal I have this week is Plant flowers- I have found so many great deals on flowers this week. I have 5 flats to plant and didn't paid $17. I got an amazing deal on this flowers and if they don't get planted then they will died. My tip is to start to look around and look for deals on flowers and seeds. Most place know that they can't sell to much more because people have their gardens planted and it's to late for the seeds. 

     I got so many flowers. One reason they were cheap. I love finding a good deal. They also will add color into my yard. I have 6 flower boxes around the house and these I use for mostly flowers to make the house pretty. I did buy so marigold for around the garden. 

     Have you found any really good deals on flowers or seeds? If so did you buy them?

Gardening - Tiger- Lily

I love this photo

     I have been out in the gardening and keeping an eye out on the plants. I have come across these little black things on my Lily flowers. I couldn't figure it out what they were. Were they bugs? But they aren't anywhere else, no I didn't think so. Why was this plant giving off these black balls. I took to the internet. 

Thank you flower shop network for the photo

     I typed in black balls on my Lily plant. I was connect to ran by . She posted a question she got about the balls and explained that they were bulbils. That means Tiger-Lily seeds! Wow that awesome!! My flower is replanting it's self. I am so excite. Before I let my excitement take over. It takes over 3 years to have a tiger-Lily grow from these seeds.  goes on to say that you can harvest these seeds and plant them anywhere. As for me right now, I'm going to let them just fall into the garden box and grow there. 

Thank you gardening help information 

     I love learn new stuff!! Every time I'm in the garden, I feel like I'm learning. Something new. What are you learning in your garden? What is new in your garden? 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Gardening - 6 weeks after last frost 2015 - weekly goals

I'm still playing caught up, because of the  wedding. So I'm not where I would like to be but working hard to get there. How is your garden coming along??

Weekly Garden Goals

  1. Plant flowers- I have found so many great deals on flowers this week. I have 5 flats to plant and didn't paid $17. 
  2. Plant the rest of my peppers and orka- I started to plant them but haven't gotten to finsh it. 
  3. Plant my herbs - I have basil, dill and parsley that need to be planted. 
  4. Till the corn field - yes I know this is late but my corn is tall enough to go in the ground just have to till again. 
  5. Harvest Mulberries and basil- my mulberry tress and basil plants are ready to harvest! 

What are your goals this week? How is you planting coming a long. What are you harvesting now? 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gardening - Volunteer Plants

2 out of the 25 sunflowers hiding in my lawn
     Have you ever had plants grow, somewhere you didn't plant them? I call them volunteer plants. I always seem to have one plant. This year it was sunflowers in my yard. 
     Okay I know your thinking, how did they get there. I have an answer for that. I feed the chicks a few times in the yard and they couldn't eat the sunflower seeds yet. So they got left there and grew. 
Chicks not eating all the food, that they were feed.
     I was so excited that they grow! But I didn't want them to go in the yard. They would have been mowed. Therefore I replant them in front of the garden fence. They will look so nice growing there and bring good bugs to my garden! 
     Have you ever had a plant just grow? Do you think that plant did better than the ones that you planted?
They will look better here! 

Gardening and Harvesting - 2015

     This year is an off year. I haven't reached any of my harvest goals. With my garden starting late this year, I'm going to set the goal small. This year I'm hoping to harvest about 100lbs of food! That sounds like a lot and it is, but with the fuirt trees, and squash I believe I can get there.

          Started to harvest around June 1st
2015 strawberries
 I have harvest 
  •  .9
  •  .5
  •  .9
  • .9

Total 3.2lbs for strawberries. 

     I start to harvest basil on June 8th 
2015 Basil
I have harvest 
  •  .01
  • .01

Total .01lbs of basil

         I started to harvest on April 29 and May 3rd. (I did leave some to grow into ferns, which will help the root system)
2015 Asparagus 
I have harvest 

  •  13.1oz
  •  13.4oz

 Total1lb and 5 ounces of asparagus harvest this year. 

2015 Harvest 

     It might not sound like a lot but I'm excite to have it harvest and 96lbs more pounds to go!! What are you harvesting out of your garden? How much have you harvest this year? 

Gardening - Weeding

Before and after, it was dark by the time I was done. 

     My garden is such a mess. Life was so busy with the wedding I didn't get a chance to keep up with the garden. I am so behind! I have all the seeds planted but have to get them in the garden. 
     Yesterday, I took almost 3 hours and start to weed and plant in the garden! I planted zucchini, sunflower, zinnia, and peppers. There were so many weeds. So the animal will be happy tonight! 
     I am very glad that I got the time in the garden and got to weed and plant. It looks so much better! How is you garden coming along? 

It looks so nice!!! 

Daily Goals - Thursday, June 11th, 2015

     I had the weirdest dream. That everyone on had to get up with the sun and the alarm in town would ring. Could you imagine someone telling you when to get up. That would be nuts. Hope you slept better thank me. 

Our mulberry tree!! 
Today's Goals
  1. Work - I work today from 8-6. 
  2. Garden - I want to plant all my pepper plants today. 
  3. Garden - Transplant plant hyssop. They have helped my one grape plant gown amazingly so I want to plant them next to our new plant! 
  4. Garden - Plant the other 3 pots infrount of the garden. Also work on weeding the right side of the garden bed by the fence. 
  5. Cleaning - clean the bathroom and fold the basket of wash. 

     I love having time to get in the garden and have it grow the way I pictured it in my head!! I can't wait to see it!! I would like to get some cleaning done too. What are your goals for the day? 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Daily Goals - Monday, June 8th, 2015

     Good Morning! Life is as busy as normal here. Of course I have to pack up food for the week and stuff like that and I forget my purse. Ugh 
I was excited though. I did make my smoothie out of home grown strawberries. 

I love that they are green before blue! So pretty

Today's Goals
  1. 1. Work - summer started so it is fall house this week. 
  2. 2. Sell eggs - today I'm meeting with my mom's friend. She love the fresh eggs. 
  3. 3. Clean kitchen - the daily chore today is to clean the kitchen. 
  4. 4. Garden- work on planting the rest of garden bed one. 
  5. 5. Garden -Weed in front if the gate.
    Today is a busy day. I made it hard by forgetting my stuff. What are you doing today?