Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sept 18th

      Yesterday was crazy busy. I woke up at 6:30, text my baby girl. Then did a load of wash, feed the chickens, cat and dog.  Also put together even thing, I need to take with me for dinner.  After that I ran out the door.  After that I got to work and had my 2 babies all day with my third joining me at one. We decide to skip the library because of the storm that was coming, and to make it a cooking day. We made Apple Bread to go with our A week theme. It was so much fun.  After that we had our regular schedule day. Then during nap-time I cooked two dinners (mmm broccoli-cheese-casserole-with-rice I add 2 chicken breast that are cooked and diced) and used the Foodsavers to freeze chicken, and turkey I got from the farmers market.  Then headed home and dropped off dinner to hubby. After that went to a Pto function. I helped out until 8:15, and then had to run to my parent’s house to pick something up. After that I got home ate dinner. Had some alone time with hubby and bed! It was a crazy day!!

I'll post picks of Apple Bread and recipe hopeful tonight!

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