Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Weekly Goals - December 2 till December 8, 2015

     This week should be a fun week we have a Christmas tree and then a Christmas party. I am so excited.

Weekly Goals
  1. Workout- this week I want to work out six times. I was told yesterday that I can fit into my mother's dress, but I still would like to get his tone possible before the wedding. Therefore working out and sticking to THM will definitely help me look fantastic in my mom's wedding dress. 
  2. Scriptures- I want to get back into reading scriptures every morning with my daughter the good one-on-one time plus it's our bodies and minds know what God would want for us. 
  3. Church/Community-  This week we have our church Christmas party.  I am so excited. 
  4. Work- I work four days this week. 
  5. Gardening - keep up on the Gardening Goals. 
  6. Family time - work on putting up the Christmas tree. Hubby put up the tree last night. We have to hanging the light and decoration. I love this time of year where, we just get to sit and relax together and do fun things.
  7. Wedding - Ask Hubby to help me change the sewing machine needle, then work on making my handkerchiefs for my parent. 
  8. Coffee Date - this week is my coffee date with my little one. 
  9. Couponing- work on organizing my coupon binder I haven't done very well by organizing it
  10. Family time - I want to work on having breakfast with my daughter in the morning. This will help her have a nice healthy breakfast before she leaves will help me stay on my diet plus this'll give us one on one time where it's just the two of us. I normally eat breakfast at work but with my little one there eating before I get there I would rather eat with my daughter. 

What are your goals this week? What do you plan on working on fixing?

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