Monday, February 16, 2015

Gardening - Information on How to Grow Oregano

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Oregano is one of my favorite herbs to grow. The reason is Oregano is a prenaunal plant. So once you grow it, it will come back every year. I have a nice patch in my herb garden now. 

My seeds!!
     Now I know you are wondering if it is growing in the garden now why do I want to grow more. I want to grow a little more so that I can add new life to the area. Plus I want to be able to share it with my girlfriends and my mom for Mother's Day. I love hand out herbs for a Mother's Day gifts. 

      Here is a helpful video about planting oregano seeds I love watching these blogs and learning what they have to say! 

      I start my seeds around the 15 weeks before my last frost. This gives time for the plants to grow into a good size to either share or to plant into my garden. The last time I planted oregano seeds was 2013. They are still growing in my garden today.

When do you start your oregano seeds? 

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