Monday, February 16, 2015

Gardening - Why to Plant Oregano in the Garden? ~ Kitchen Cabinet

Here is a mix of herb I picked last year for dinner

     There are two reason I grow Oregano in my garden. One is medical and we will talk more about that tomorrow. The other is for my kitchen use and we will be focusing on that today.
     When I cook Italian food, I need oregano. You can buy dried Oregano in the store for about a dollar a herb shaker. But the tried herb doesn't do plant any justice. Having fresh oregano in my opinion makes my dishes so much!  
     It is also a lot cheaper then buying the store kind. You can go to Lowes and buy a pack of seeds for less than $2.  You will get so many seeds for that price. For me one plant will provide more than enough for my kitchen cabinet. The rest of the seeds can be saved or shared. Once your oregano plant is established, you shouldn't have to plant another one. 
     The last reason I like to grow my own oregano is because I know it's an early a.m. and it's organic. This is very important to me because I would like to be able to have almost everything organic and without GMOs in the plants. I can't I can't control it all the time but every step counts. 
     Do you grow oregano in your garden? Why do you grow oregano in your garden?

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