Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gardening - Information on Lemon Grass

My seeds to plant

     Lemongrass is a herb that you can use around your house for several reasons. You can use it in the kitchen to add a Lemley flavor to anything you're cooking. You can use it for medical use. Last way, you can also use it to help keep the bugs away from where you're at outside. 

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     This year I am hoping to grow over 70 lemongrass plants. Yes I do agree that that sounds like a lot but I want to put them around my rabbit and chicken cages. I will also use them for cooking and herbal medicine. 

     Lemongrass is a perennial in some areas but in my cold area it will not be. You can grow lemon grass from a cutting from seeds. Lemongrass gets planted inside 15 weeks before the last frost aiding it's a good about a time to grow before you plant outside. But it is an easy planner because you just put it on top of the soil and it should grow. Lemongrass  should ground 2-3 feet tall. 

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     Do you have lemongrass growing in your yard? If so what do you use it for? 

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