Sunday, November 1, 2015

Monthly Goals for November 2015

     November is going to be a busy month. I have set a lot of goals this month. There is a lot going on too. My favorite holiday is this month! It is Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving it is the only holiday that can't be over taking by gifts. 😊
Start of my monthly goals for my binder 
Monthly Goals 
  1.  Workout- I want to workout everyday according to the T25 workout program. The days I workout I will mark with a sticker. 
  2. Cooking- stick to my monthly menu and don't eat out. If I stick to the menu I will be on THM most of the time. This will help me get healthlier. 
  3. Healthy Eating - Eat every 3 hours, and try to keep it on my THM program. Also I want to work on giving up sugar. This will be hard because I'm not going to add any stevia to my diet right now. 
  4. Personal - I want to take a weekly photo of how I'm doing with losing weight as getting healthier. I also want to only use the scale once a week. 
  5. Gardening- start to post more with what is going on in my garden. I really have not  been posting what I'm doing. 
  6. Gardening - I want to pick 5 things this month to learn about and post something I learned about them daily on Facebook.
  7. Gardening -  I want to plant Mums and mulch around my fruit trees. 
  8. Church - I want to have my weekly lesson plans planned by Wednesday of each week. 
  9. Home - I want to keep up on keeping the house clean and stick to the cleaning schedules. 
  10. Family - I want to have a Family Home Evening (FHM) once a week. 

     These are the major things I would like to do this month. This helps me sticking to my yearly goals by breaking them down. I also can feel like I did something this month and not let the holiday stuff over take me. What are your goals in November? 

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