Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Daily Goals - Tuesday April 5, 2016

Good Morning from the My Mini Farm
     Good morning, hope your morning is going better than mine. Ugh hubby woke me up looking for stuff to wear at 3:30am, then the got puked on my foot while I was asleep. Then hubby called to say his check engine light is on. Ugh time to go back to bed and redo this day. 

 Today's Goals
  1. Workout - I want to do one of my of my 'Hip Hop Abs' videos! I am loving it. 
  2. Cooking - stick to my menu and not stress it. I did bring some skinny chocolate if I need it. 
  3. Work - watch my 3 little men today. I work for 8am-6pm. 
  4. Help others - today I'm going to help my friend, by watching her 3 boys for a little bit as she runs out for a little bit.
  5. Family - find a nice way to remind hubby how much I love him. 
My day yesterday

Yesterday's. Goals
  1. Workout - I want to do one of my of my 'Hip Hop Abs' videos! I am loving it. - I got my workout in! 
  2. Pets -I want to walk the dog. I'm off today so I want to take him for a 30 minute walk. - he was so happy to take his walk. Even though it was raining. 
  3. Cooking - I want to cook up my huge Turkey and make so THM prep snacks. - I made the turkey but it wasn't done until 8pm so we had Family had Hubby's soup for dinner. I also make banana bread. 
  4. Gardening - I want to learn about cooking my dirt. Yes I know that sounds weird but many people have told me to try it. - I didn't get to. 
  5. Gardening - I want  replant my sunflower seeds. - I didn't get to.
     I hope your day is better then mine. I know we all have bad days and I have to let it go. What are you doing today? Let me know.  

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