Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Daily Goals - Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

      Good morning. Up early making smoothie for Hubby to take to work. Apparently, we have ants in the sink! I'm so fustrated. I can't stand ants. They decided to go after the dishes in the sink. Hopefully, they will see nothing in the sink and move on. 

Mmmm I loving fresh Peaches
Today's Goals 
  1. Work- I work today from 8am-6pm. We have a busy day planned! 
  2. Gardening - I want to weed the rest of the Garden Box 3. 
  3. Gardening - try to figure out my mothers password for the seed company. Only she would forget it. 
  4. Shopping - my best friends wants me to bring veggies to her wedding. So I have to stop and buy at the fruit stand. 
  5. Wedding Wensday - look for information on the catering place that I liked. I know I put it in a notebook but I can't find it. 
Yesterday's Goals
  1. Work- I work from 8am-6pm. ~ I got done on time. It was nice.
  2. Personal Goal - write and post my 10 Goals this week. ~ I didn't get to this.
  3. Workout- get an abs workout it into even if it's 5 minutes. I need to get something in. ~ I didn't feel like doing this yesterday, luckily I ask hubby to push me to get it done. He did so I did it!
  4. Gardening- I get to look at my seed catalog again!!! I know sounds crazy. My mom said if I want seeds for Christmas to give her my list, that way I can get more because they are on sale!! ~ I picked out the seeds I want. Now I have to send her a wish list.
  5. Gardening- finish up weeding garden box 3 so I can plant my peas!! I can't wait! ~ Nope didn't get to this. I was in a lazy mode last night.

What are you doing today? 


  1. Missy, sorry you are having a problem with ants.

    Here's a couple little green tricks for ants. If you have any mint growing, pick some and crumple a few leaves and place where the ants go... Mint is a natural bug deterrent.

    Also I've been told about just squishing the ones you see & leave the bodies there for the other ants to see as a warning. This last one sounds funny, but I've tried it a few times and it seems to work for us!

    Ants seem to like to come up through the plumbing and up the wiring in wall sockets. They occasionally are a problem here, but thankfully not too much. So rare, I've forgotten about it! Keep a clean sink, clean counters also to help keep them at bay.

    Hope that helps!

    1. We have been dealing with horrible ant issues since last year. We got wood delievered and they had ants in them. So I have 3 different types of ants in every garden bed and area around the house. We really didn't get them in the house. This year we have been fighting the little ones all season. They find the animal food and everything.
      I have tried mint, I think they laugh at me. They are living under my mint pots. (I move weekly to clean the deck) I also tried cinnamon. It worked in the box, but in the house the dog cleans it up. I'm going to try baking soda and powder sugar this weekend. Hopeful that helps.
      I don't leave the bodies. I understand the warning and might sound crazy, but I hate watching them carry the dead away. (I would rather not see that, them dying and me not seeing it works for me)
      Thanks for the idea though!!

  2. Hmmm.... I've never heard of the baking soda & powdered sugar trick... I know the powdered sugar would attract the ants to it, but wondering what the baking soda does?