Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekly Goals - 12 Week After the Last Frost - Weekly goals

     This summer is been super busy, I feel like I haven't even had a chance to keep up with the garden. Good thing with the Garden you can always start over! It's time to start getting season for the fall planting. Are you getting ready to plant seeds for a fall garden?

My Garden 

This Week's Gardening Goals
  1. Vines- I have apple melon and sweet melon vines growing all over the garden. Time to clean them up and have them climb the fence
  2. Harvest - it's time to harvest cucumbers, potatoes, garlic, peppers. Mmmm I love fresh veggies!
  3. Gardening Box 4 - Weed the gardening box. Get it ready for fall planting. 
  4. Pallet Bed - I need to weed around the back pallet beds. I want to get them ready for fall plants.
  5. Plant - plant broccoli, cauliflower, and peas. 
How are you gardening growing? Do you have goals for this week? 


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  2. "Your garden seems way ahead of mine!" I said above. But... in my climate (probably because things grow so SLOWLY), I would be starting seeds for fall & winter come July...

    What are your summers like there? Let's see... 12 weeks would mean your last frost was May 1?

  3. I try to stay in the now. Thing change and stuff come up. Goals are just ment to keep me on track.
    My gardening is behind where I wanted this year. I was so busy, this spring and rain out of time. I go with the flow and move on.
    Our season are 4 true seasons. We have hot summer, cold falls, snow winter and warm springs. This year it was a longer winter than normal so planting was late. Therefore many of my plants are coming in later than normal. Plus I start all my seeds so they seem behind to begin with anyway.

  4. You say "I start all my seeds so they seem behind to begin with anyway."

    I do it this way too -- so I know what you mean! Patience required!

    Well, here's wishing you good luck with it all!

    1. Yes having patience with garden is so needed! I get the oh I have tomatoes already from some people and I know I don't have mine because they started from seeds