Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gardening ~ 12 Week After the Last Frost 2014 ~ Garden Bed 4

Garden Bed 4 ~ finished and ready for planting
      I start this week with my biggest Gardening ~12 Week After the Last Frost - Weekly Goals my Garden Box 4. I'm going to plan fall crop in this garden bed. This gardening box is going to be half broccoli and half cauliflower. 

What it Looked like before I finishes it

     I started on this bed on Thursday morning. It was over grown and empty. I never got around to planting my wheat in it. My spring and summer were super busy this year. Luckily I will be able to plant Fall crops and get more out of my area

Bye- Bye weeds

     I took the time to weed it. Then I handed tilled it. The bunnies love when I leave the garden! All the weeds go to them. 

Rabbit Dropping to help fertilize the bed

     I do though make out the best because then I use their droppings as fertilizer. Because the grass and weeds are now rabbit droppings, it is easier to finalize the garden bed with them. I am not waiting for the grass to decompose I just letting the water wash the little pellets into fertilize. 

Top soil to add some rich soil to the box
     After watching and finalizing my garden beds I always had a bag of topsoil. I do this to replace any dirt that has been washed away or pulled away when I'm weeding. Plus it adds rich dark soil to my garden bed. 

     I completed my gardening weekly goal of garden box four. I read it fertilize and got the bed ready for planting! 

     How's your garden coming? Do you have any gardening goals for this week? 

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