Saturday, August 2, 2014

Daily goals - Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

     Woke up late again this morning. I can't believe that I slept in again, but it felt great! I got up and got everyone feed an started on my goals today!

My homemade yogurt!!
Today's goals 
  1. Cooking - finishes my homemade yogurt. I tried to make homemade yogurt 2 weeks ago and had trouble with it. This week cut the recipe in half and added yogurt 2x and it came out great!! 
  2. Cooking - write new post about how I made my homemade yogurt! 
  3. Gardening - finish prepping garden box 4 and plant broccoli and cauliflower. 
  4. Gardening - hang vine plant up on the gate. 
  5. Gardening- start to work on Gardening Box 1. I hoping to plant my carrots there for fall harvest! 
  1. Gardening- clean out garden box 4 and start to plant my cauliflower and broccoli. ~ I got the bed clean out but still have to get it ready.
  2. Gardening - clean up green houses and put way. ~ Hubby was excite to see the cleaned up.
  3. Gardening - write and post gardening Goals for this week. ~ I set up my gardening goals for this week. You can check them out at Weekly Goals - 12 Week After the Last Frost - Weekly goals.
  4. Errands- run to bank, produce store, milk store, and grocery store. ~ I only made it to the grocery store.
  5. Brother house- stop by and checkout my little brothers new place! ~ I stop by my little brother's new place and dropped off some food to get him off to the right start. I'm so proud of him!
     It is suppose to start to rain here around 3pm, therefore I need to get my butt moving! What are you planning on doing today?? 


  1. Good job, Missy! I need to do A LOT of cleaning up here... But that keeps getting pushed to the back burner this summer, not really a goal but should be. Today we are fixing the well that we share with the neighbors for our water supply. Both households do need water, so #1 goal. Usually when I say "we" it is just me, but this time it is hubby doing the deed! Crossing fingers all will go well.

    Hope you are having a good day there!

  2. Update -- our well is fixed. Easier than we thought. I was more cheerleader this time than a doer, but helped by emptying the tanks onto the garden (the plants all appreciated). End result of it all, we have reliable water. YAY!

    Missy, I know I said this when I found your blog before, but I like how you are laying out goals and achieving them -- and you are wise to know to be flexible. I read through a few of your older posts and commented on a couple of them today.

    1. I'm so glad you guys got you well fix!! Our went last February before Hubby's mitary training. It was horrible because I had to work and he had to leave what a day! We did though find an amazing company that helped us and worked out a payment plan. Water is so needed to live! :)
      Goals make me look at what I am going to do and what I did though the day. I do know that live never goes as plan so you have to go with the flow.
      How did your day go? Mine was good church and cleaning up the house.