Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gardening - Trying to save what left of this gardening year

A picture out of my gardening book

     I have been so off lately. The wedding and family drama has just messed me up. I am a working mom and work about 35 hours a week out of the house. Some times maintaining my garden goes to the back burner. That is what happen this year. 
     I was off to a good start, but the long winter, two wedding and hubby being out  of town for 6 weeks just throw me off. It happens. I'm not perfect. 
     Even though it is late in the season and not much will grow will I can get a little planted for the winter garden. I can also get my garden beds ready for the spring. 
     One thing I tell everyone is there is always next year and you can try again.     That's what I'm going to do. 
     Now I will start to figure out my winter garden and post what I plan to do. This garden might not be prefect because I have never grown anything in the winter. 
Stick with my and this new adventure! 

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