Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Halloween - Carving Pumpkins!!

     I might be the worlds worst pumpkin carver!! But I think the experience of carving your pumpkin by yourself is more important!!

Little man picked a perfect pumpkin to carve! 
     The boys and I started with an awesome pumpkin hubby got for us!! One of the little guys picked out this one. This side of pumpkin is awesome, the other side isn't.  

Little ones did touch it, but they didn't like it. 
     We started as I cut open the Pumpkin with the regular knife. Then started to take the insides out. The boys were not too fond of the inside of the pumpkin. We did set aside some seats to save the garden next year and some the toast up to have for snack. 

He came out okay looking! 
     I don't think he turned out to bad! We decided to make triangles for the eyes and a square for the nose. Even though I wouldn't win a contest the boys had so much fun! 
     Did you carve pumpkins this year? If so text and pictures I would love to see him! 

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