Monday, July 9, 2012

Easy Freezer Friendly Crockpot BBQ Chicken

This is a recipe I made when I get a big package of chicken. I normal save this recipe for days when we go to the lake. It is so easy to come home and put in a roll and have dinner. Having it prep in the freezer makes it so much easier, doing the rush to get out the door. Also having it cook in the crockpot means its done and we are not grabbing fast food on the way home. What you need 2 chicken beast 1 bottle of BBQ Sauce 1/2 bottle of water 1/2 onion What do you do? It is so simple. You just put it all in a freezer bag. Freeze it. Then when you want to use it. Just pull it out, take it out of the bag and place it in the crockpot. (yes frozen). Cook the chicken on low for 6-8 hour. It's that easy. Having easy to cook meals in my freezer helps me get the most out of my time with my family. While providing home cooked meals. What's your favorite home cooked meal?

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