Monday, July 9, 2012

How I harvest My first potatoes

   Yesterday was one of the most exciting days in the garden! I pulled up half my potatoes crops! This was the first year I planted them. Pull one up was exciting but pulling up 20. I was over the top excited. I called my hubby right away to tell him. He just laugh at me.


Here is what I did to did them up it was so easy just like growing them!
   1. I pulled the hay off them.
My Garden Box of potatoes

   2. Then with my hands (with gloves on my hands), I dug up the potatoes. It is so exciting to see a potato.
My blue potatoes!
   3. Put brush them off lightly (with my hand). Becareful because the skin comes off so easily.

   4. Put them in a bag. And put them in a dark cool place. They in to stay there for 7-10 days.

Its a lot darker when door is shut!

   I'm so excited I can't wait to eat my first potatoes. I still knew at this, therefore it might not be the right or best way. I am following the information I found on these YouTube vidoe.

Doug Smitty How to Cure Potatoes
Doug Smitty How to Harvest Potatoes

Hope the help you as much as the helped me!

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