Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rules to Picking Wild Raspberries

Raspberries are in season in South East Pa. Everywhere you look there are wild raspberries!

Today I took a mile long walk with my dog. We picked Wild raspberries, before the rain came. ( yes it poured on us) I have a few rules that I follow, and teaching my daughter to follow .

1.       Never take off someone land.  It would not be ok, to take someone else food. If they have a lot and you don’t think they are picking them asks. Normal most people don’t know you can pick them, or maybe won’t mind if you pick them. (Today I meet an old women on our walk and she asked me what I was picking I said raspberries. Then she asked how if knew they were poisonous. I told here because they are raspberries and there not poisonous. Then point her to the bush and showed her the berries)

2.        Only take what you will eat that day. Wild Raspberries grow wild to help the environment around it. There are other things eating them, like deer, bugs or other little animals. It is not right to take their food source. Sharing is caring, that what I tell my daughter.

3.        Don’t take them all from one place. If you take all off one bush, the other animal that use that bush as a feeding source now has no food. And might not be able to find different source of food. You do't want to wipe out the envoriment that is around the bush. As a rule of thumb, I don’t take more than 5-8 from one bush.

I started taking walks and picking Wild raspberries for the last 2 weeks. I think there might be another 2 weeks for picking enjoy!
For My Cereal!! MMMmmmm (and it was free!)
Do you have any growning near you?

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