Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gardening and Harvesting - 2015

     This year is an off year. I haven't reached any of my harvest goals. With my garden starting late this year, I'm going to set the goal small. This year I'm hoping to harvest about 100lbs of food! That sounds like a lot and it is, but with the fuirt trees, and squash I believe I can get there.

          Started to harvest around June 1st
2015 strawberries
 I have harvest 
  •  .9
  •  .5
  •  .9
  • .9

Total 3.2lbs for strawberries. 

     I start to harvest basil on June 8th 
2015 Basil
I have harvest 
  •  .01
  • .01

Total .01lbs of basil

         I started to harvest on April 29 and May 3rd. (I did leave some to grow into ferns, which will help the root system)
2015 Asparagus 
I have harvest 

  •  13.1oz
  •  13.4oz

 Total1lb and 5 ounces of asparagus harvest this year. 

2015 Harvest 

     It might not sound like a lot but I'm excite to have it harvest and 96lbs more pounds to go!! What are you harvesting out of your garden? How much have you harvest this year? 

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