Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gardening - 6 weeks after last frost - planting

Doesn't look amazing yet but will shortly

    My second goal this week is the frist goal that I got done. It was to Plant the rest of my peppers and orka- I started to plant them but haven't gotten to finsh it.  I need to plant the front box. I want to plant these awesome pepper plants and tomato plants there. I also want to plant my orka there. (To be honest I love their flower and can't wait to see it bloom). While getting my orka out of the green house I saw lost of sunflowers and calendula. Therefore I decide to plant them in that bed too. I also bought red, white and blue petunias for that bed to show my patriotic side.

I can't wait to see the flowers blooming!

     This bed was a mess and short on dirt. I forgot to take a picture of it before. But it was a mess. It took 5 wheelbarrels of dirt and 4 wheelbarrels of mulch to fill up the box. I also filled up 2 wheelbarrow weeds. It was a long process. It took me 2 nights to finish it up. 

Can you find the tiny tomato and pepper?

     I know it doesn't look like a lot now, but in a few weeks it should look awesome! I can't wait to see my hard work pay off. 

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