Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gardening - Volunteer Plants

2 out of the 25 sunflowers hiding in my lawn
     Have you ever had plants grow, somewhere you didn't plant them? I call them volunteer plants. I always seem to have one plant. This year it was sunflowers in my yard. 
     Okay I know your thinking, how did they get there. I have an answer for that. I feed the chicks a few times in the yard and they couldn't eat the sunflower seeds yet. So they got left there and grew. 
Chicks not eating all the food, that they were feed.
     I was so excited that they grow! But I didn't want them to go in the yard. They would have been mowed. Therefore I replant them in front of the garden fence. They will look so nice growing there and bring good bugs to my garden! 
     Have you ever had a plant just grow? Do you think that plant did better than the ones that you planted?
They will look better here! 

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