Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gardening - 6 week after last frost - planting flowers

     The 1st goal I have this week is Plant flowers- I have found so many great deals on flowers this week. I have 5 flats to plant and didn't paid $17. I got an amazing deal on this flowers and if they don't get planted then they will died. My tip is to start to look around and look for deals on flowers and seeds. Most place know that they can't sell to much more because people have their gardens planted and it's to late for the seeds. 

     I got so many flowers. One reason they were cheap. I love finding a good deal. They also will add color into my yard. I have 6 flower boxes around the house and these I use for mostly flowers to make the house pretty. I did buy so marigold for around the garden. 

     Have you found any really good deals on flowers or seeds? If so did you buy them?

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