Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gardening - Tiger- Lily

I love this photo

     I have been out in the gardening and keeping an eye out on the plants. I have come across these little black things on my Lily flowers. I couldn't figure it out what they were. Were they bugs? But they aren't anywhere else, no I didn't think so. Why was this plant giving off these black balls. I took to the internet. 

Thank you flower shop network for the photo

     I typed in black balls on my Lily plant. I was connect to ran by . She posted a question she got about the balls and explained that they were bulbils. That means Tiger-Lily seeds! Wow that awesome!! My flower is replanting it's self. I am so excite. Before I let my excitement take over. It takes over 3 years to have a tiger-Lily grow from these seeds.  goes on to say that you can harvest these seeds and plant them anywhere. As for me right now, I'm going to let them just fall into the garden box and grow there. 

Thank you gardening help information 

     I love learn new stuff!! Every time I'm in the garden, I feel like I'm learning. Something new. What are you learning in your garden? What is new in your garden? 

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