Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day Project Update!

We started our father’s projects today! We started with making the gift they are giving to their Dads (I nanny 4 kids). I wanted to make sure the project had 24 hours to dry.

What you need:
Markers                                                 Scissors                                            Jar         
Glue                                                      Colored Paper                                   Peanuts              

This is such an easy project!

  1. Have Kiddies fill the jars with peanuts.

          2.  Have the little ones put the lid on the jars and glue 4 peanuts to the lid.
          3. Have kiddies cut out a heart or if they are to young, then you can do it) and write "I am Nuts about You" and glue it on.

Yes I know it is the only way i could make it this big

    That is it! Very easy and cheap present, each jar is only $1.50 each. That makes me smile! What are you doing for the amazing Fathers in your life?
       This is a modify project from  Danielle's Place.

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