Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Facebook topics - Apple tree

Today on Facebook we talked about Apple trees.(you can join me at PA gardeners on Facebook)

This year I bought Apple trees but they did not make it. Today I bought replacements for the apple trees. I can't wait to harvest apples from these trees I pray that they grow better than the first.

Apples are in season now and even though my trees didn't grow I'm lucky enough to have friends that have apple trees and I'm willing to share their harvest with me. If you don't have trees available you can always go to a local portrait and pick your apples there. That experience is worth it, plus you have fresh apples. Mmmm

Apples are very healthy for you. They help your nerve neurological, cardiovascular, lungs, colon, prostrate and losing weight. 

You can make so much with apples two from Apple cider vinegar to apple pie, there are many many recipes for apples. Some of my favorites are Fall apple brownies, apple butter, applesauce, and Apple bread. I have used all these recipes and love them. 

Are you growing Apple tree? This year are you picking apples this year let me know?

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