Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weight in Tuesday

Okay I am not a fitness buff and rather do anything but workout. It is starting to show. Time to start a change.
I also have the dream of wearing my Aunt's wedding dress which is the same one my mom wore on her wedding day. Both marriages are an amazing marriage, and something that I look forward to having with my fiancé. They both have been married for over 30 years I would love to have our marriage like their marriages. Time to change, things!
With that being said I need to lose 30 pounds. I know that sounds like a lot but as of the last time I weighted in (September 10) I weighed 152 pounds and I am 5'1. That being said I am overweight which isn't good. The genes on my family sides put me a rest for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and also diabetes therefore I need to watch my health and my weight.  It's time I changed.
The last reason that I really want to start losing weight is because I want to have more kids. Being in shape will make the pregnancy safer and healthier and will also make my child safer and healthier. A change needs to start.
There are many reason working out is hard. One being getting into the routine is hard enough. Another reason is when I work; I work 10 hours with a 45 minute drive both ways I just don't have the energy to go after work. On the weeks that I have a lighter work week, I have my little one and I have mommy guilt. No one's going to change me but me
Right now I'm hoping to do three workouts a week plus walk twice a week I am using my "Lose It" app to help me stay under my calorie count. If you want find me on my lose it app and we can become friends.

Here is this weeks workout goals
Tuesday - walk 30 minutes pushing the double stroller. I can do this while I am working. 
Wednesday -Zumba after work class starts at 8 o'clock so I should be able to make it. 
Thursdaywalk 30 minutes pushing the double stroller. I can do this while I am working. 
Friday - Bodyworks plus abs and yoga at the gym
Saturday - We are camping, so I'm hoping to hike.
SundayWe are camping, so I'm hoping to hike.
Monday - yoga at home and the Victoria Secret Model Ab Workout 

This week my little ones on home until Friday so going to the gym should not be as hard as it is only said she's home.
Are you working out? What are your workout Goals? Come back every Tuesday and see if I stayed on track and what my weigh in is. Let me know how you're doing too. 

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