Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gardening- 20 Weeks After Last Frost-Weekly goals

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Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook is still helping thoughout the week to say on base with my gardens. Week 20 and 21 are combined. I am going to break them up so that it is easier for me to accomplish my goals. 

Weekly Garden Goals
1. Clean up- I have over 10 beds. I won't be using thoughout the winter. So I want to clean them up and put compost on them. This week I have 3 days off so I want to get 3 beds cleaned up. 
2. Pumpkin, squash- clean and preserve for the winter. Don't for get to save some seeds for next year!
3. Bring in plants that won't last thoughout winter- I have mosquito plant and fig trees. They won't last my PA winter. Before the 1st frost, I have to bring them in. 
4. Make a worm compost box- I am bringing in some plants and hoping to have nerves growing inside this winter therefore I want to make compost that I can use to fertilize the plants throughout the winter. 
5. Harvest basil- with the first frost coming at some point this week I want to harvest my basil and start to try it out. This will make for a wonderful Christmas gift!

What are you doing this week in your garden? 

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