Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gardening and Harvesting - 2015

     Everything is starting to come in this week! I know I won't be getting a huge harvest but every little bit counts! 

          Started to harvest around June 1st
                               2015 strawberries
 I have harvest 
  •  .9
  •  .5
  •  .9
  • .9
Total 3.2lbs for strawberries. 

     I start to harvest basil on June 8th . We planted basil in two places. One between the tomato plants, and the other in the herb garden. 
                              2015 Basil
 I have harvested
  •  .01
  • .01
Total .01lbs of basil

         I started to harvest on April 29 and May 3rd. (I did leave some to grow into ferns, which will help the root system.
                            2015 Asparagus 
I have harvest 
  •  13.1oz
  •  13.4oz
Total harvested 1.65lbs of asparagus 

          Started to harvest them on June 25th. We were behind on harvesting them so the birds got most of them. 

Mulberries on the scale 
  •  .33
Total .33lbs for mulberries. 

          Started to harvest around end of June.
My 1st raspberry of the season
I have harvested
  •  .01
  •  .43
  •  1.25.
  • .8
Total 2.49 lbs for strawberries. 

 Mini Purple Peppers 
          I harvest my 1st mini pepper before the 1st started to die. Lucky I only lost one in the transplant process. 
Mini Purple Pepper
I have harvested
  • .25
Total .25lbs for mini purple peppers 

Yellow Squash  
          Started to harvest around July 5th, I'm so excited to have them growing very well. 
Yellow Squash
I have havested
  •  2.14

Total 2.14lbs for yellow squash  

2015 Harvest 
10.08lbs harvested so far this year!! 

     It might not sound like a lot but I'm excite to have it harvest and 89.02lbs more pounds to go!! What are you harvesting out of your garden? How much have you harvest this year? 

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