Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gardening - Harvesting raspberries

Mmmm raspberries on the vine
          This weekend red raspberries have come in! I was so excited. I love fresh fruit. We try to harvest more then we will eat in a week to freeze and us though out the year. It helps us save money. It give us free organic raspberries. 
I harvest these with Hubby on Sunday
     We had my niece and nephew over for the day on Friday and the picked about a half of pound. It was nice to see them picking them and having fun. 

Everyone helped even the dog 
     Hubby and I went harvesting on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. We took the dog with us. He love eating the few berries we dropped. We did find some black berries too. Mmmmm 

Here are the other ones harvested this week. One from cass and one with hubby. 

     We harvested about 2.5lbs of berries this weekend. It was a lot of fun and there are still many berries to harvest next weekend! Are you harvesting wild berries near you? If so what kinds are you harvesting.

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