Thursday, July 9, 2015

Gardening - 7 Weeks after last frost 2015 - Garden Goals review

    I hate to say this but I'm going to perfectly honest. I didn't get any of my goals done this week. I don't want to lye and say I did. I know what your thinking then what did I do this week? Did I do anything around the homestead? The answer is yes we did a lot.

This week I 
  1. Hubby and I harvesting raspberries
    Harvested raspberries! We harvested over 3lbs worth. We harvest in the rain, and after work. You can read more about our adventure on my post Gardening- Harvesting Raspberries .
  2.  We also bought $10 worth of corn last Saturday and we worked on storing it. On Monday night we froze the corn for future use. You will see a post about this later on when I finish with all my ways of storing my corn. 
    Freezing corn
  3.  I also bought $20 each of blueberries and strawberries and cleaned and froze them for future us!!
  4. Baggie of freeze raspberries
  5. I also stored our raspberries that we picked this weekend by freezing them!  You can check out my post Harvesting and Storage - Freezing Raspberries for my step to step instructions for how to freeze raspberries. 
  6. I also weeded around my vegetable garden and planted flowers. It's ready to be mulched. 
    My weeded area!

Last Weeks Garden goals
  1. Rooting plants - I want to start to cut plants that won't seed and start to help them grow roots. I would like to do this to the lavender and rosemary. - didn't get to
  2. Blossom Blight - It has rained her so much that I need to keep a good eye on my plants. I have to really keep an eye on the squash so it doesn't get blossom blight. - I didn't get to
  3. Plant seeds for fall harvest - in all the areas around the garden that haven't gotten plants growning in them I want to start to plant carrots, turips, Swiss chard, brussel sprouts. - I didn't get too
  4. Plant the plants that are growning - I have flowers and veggies to get in to the ground. I want to work on that this week. - started but didn't finish 
  5. Mulch - mulch around the garden fence. I planted plants in it but the wedding are coming back so fast. I really need to mulch it - started but didn't get too 

Check here to see what I did last week in the garden. 

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