Thursday, July 2, 2015

Gardening- Gardening - 6 weeks after last frost 2015 - weekly gardenreview

Last week was such a rainy week, getting into the garden was hard. Tuesday, we got over 2 inches of rain. I have so much to get planted into the ground and no dry time to do it. Here is what I got done in the garden last week.

Last Weekly Garden Goals

All the flowers 
  1. Plant flowers- I have found so many great deals on flowers this week. I have 5 flats to plant and didn't paid $17. - I got this 1/2 done. There are still so many plant to get planted. Gardening - 6 week after last frost - planting flower
  2. My pepper and tomato plants
  3. Plant the rest of my peppers and orka- I got this done!!  Gardening - 6 weeks after last frost - planting 
  4. Plant my herbs - I have basil, dill and parsley that need to be planted. - I didn't get to this, the rain beat me out. 
  5. Till the corn field - yes I know this is late but my corn is tall enough to go in the ground just have to till again. - The only try day it was still to wet to till. 
  6. Harvest Mulberries and basil- my mulberry tress and basil plants are ready to harvest! - This goal we did this goal as a family!! It was fun. Gardening - 6 week after last frost - harvesting mulberries
  7. Mulberries mmmmm

     3 out of 5 of my goal getting done, isn't that bad. I have so much to do though. How did your goals go for last week? How is you planting coming a long? What are you harvesting now? 

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