Sunday, July 5, 2015

Gardening - July 3rd gardening tour

     I love showing you around the gardening. I will show you all of it, the good the bad and the ugly. My gardening isn't prefect and won't ever be. I will be honest with you and tell you what Is rally going on. Hope you like my garden. 
Fruit trees

     We will start with the trees. I have over 20 fruit trees. I have pear, plum, peach, cherry, apricot, mulberry, apple, orange, lemon, lime and fig. Some of my trees are doing great! They have fruit on it and are thriving. 

     Some are coming coming back from a bad place. My lemon tree almost died over the winter. My peach is coming back after leaf curl fungus. Then I have a pear tree that we thought died and is growing again. I am very happy to see these trees come back and start to thrive again. It might take a few years to get them on the right path, but I will keep trying. 

     Now we have the ugly, yes some of the trees are in an ugly place. I have my cherry tree,this tree is diving slowly and I don't know why. I'm so sad. It was already planted when we moved in and a reason I wanted the house. 2 out of 3 of my plum trees just dried up and died. I don't know why that would happen. It has been raining, therefore I know they were watered. To see more in depth pictures of my trees this week check on my page on Facebook at I will be posting more of the trees around 1 pm. 

Driveway Boxes

    Now let's look at the drive way garden boxes. These are mostly flowers. I do have some veggies planted in them too. The triangle boxes are a mix of flower that I have gotten on sale. I have Lilies, dusty millers, coleus, panseies, voilets, and asparagus.

    The long box drive garden box. I just finished up this box, therefore my flowers are small. So are growing, but some of them have died. One of the mini purple plants didn't transplant well. I don't now why. I'm going to let it go for another week, if it doesn't come back I will have to pull it. In this box I have red, white and blue petunias, mini purple pepper, tomatoes, okra, sunflowers and calendula. You can read more about what I planted and how at Gardening - 6 weeks after last frost - planting To see more in depth pictures of my trees this week check on my page on Facebook at I will be posting more of the Driveway Boxes around 3pm. 
Garden boxes around the house

    I have 4 other gardening bed around the house. I have done by the deck, I call my deck garden box. This one I am have good luck with! I have yellow squash growing and my cucumber plants are starting to climb! I also have voilets, panseies, pineapple sage and coleus growing. The ugly truth though about this box is that it keeps killing off my sunflowers. I have lost them, because a basket fell on them, or the chicks dug them up or just died. 

     My next box is my firepit box, this box is doing great! I have echinacea, coleus, voilet, St. John wart, cherry bushes, mums, stevia,and a fern. The ugly truth about this box is that I have planted rhubarb, and feverfew. They haven't done well. I don't even know what happen to the rhubarb it disappeared. I am still happy with this box though. It is doing great!

     Ugly truth I haven't planted my herb box. I have parsley, basil and dill to plant. I just don't have time to plant it. Hoping to get to it soon. In this box there is chives, sage and oregano growing in it. Mmmmm I love this box, it make my food taste amazing. 

    The last box is Cass Garden box. She planted a bunch of flowers in it that she bought herself. Her daisy are coming up nicely! We do need to weed it though. To see more in depth pictures of my Garden Boxes around the House check on my page on Facebook at I will be posting more of the trees around 5pm. 
    Come back next Saturday and check out what is going on in my Vegetable garden. See more photoes join me at on Facebook or Instagram at . 

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