Thursday, July 17, 2014

Daily Goals - Thursday, July 17th 2014

It was a busy morninng! I have been waking up an hour late because I'm so sleepy. Then I'm walking the dog and feeding everyone. Then running out the door.

Skipper on our walk!!

Today's Goals
  1. Work - I work from 8am until 6pm. Today is a home day! We will have fun at the house. 
  2. Family time - After work little one and I are going to hit the book store and do coffee and relax. 
  3. Homestead - I getting so fusteraded with this raccon. It won't stop eating my animals. Today we have to fix the other coop and lock them in it. 
  4. Gardening - Harvesting time, today I am harvesting cucumbers, and yellow squash mmmmm!
  5. Excerise- Today I want to walk the dog, 10 minute ab workout. 

What are you doing today?

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