Thursday, July 31, 2014

Work it off Thursday- weight in

It has been almost one and half months on Trim healthy Mama diet. As you can see form this weeks menu, I'm finally fully on the diet. The food taste great and I'm not starving! That's the best part of the diet. I'm losing the weight and it's staying off.

My brother wedding and today lost of 8lbs!! 

I am also working out still. I am doing 10 minute workouts. Each day I do either abs, arms, and legs. This way I am focusing on one part of my body every day. 10 minutes are very do able, an I get a good workout in. 

This is the video I did for my arm workout

On top of the diet, I'm walking the dog 3 times a week. The dog is loving the walk. He is the best partner too! He is happy to walk with me too. It also gives us great one on one to work on his commands. I make him sit before we cross every road. I work on heal, come, and leave it, with him to while we are walking. 

TwoGrand app

I have also changes the app that I'm using to help me stay accountable. I'm using TwoGrand. It is free and you can post you meals. This app you don't worrying about logging the calories. Plus I love looking at what others are eating to get ideas! If you want you can look follow me at Missy22giggles.


  1. Good job, Missy. Keep up the good work. Thanks for you kind comment at my blog earlier today (Thursday).

    1. Thank you. I really enjoyed your blog!!

  2. Thanks for saying so, Missy. I'm hoping to explore yours more, now that I've found you again!