Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I'm excited it is Tuesday! Almost half way though my week I got to spend the day with my daughter because her school had off. So before work what does you day look like?

     Here's is mine; Alaram goes off 4:45, and I hit the snooze button, 5 AM off to the basement - there I get dressed for the day, whil I am starting a fire to heat the house. I fold of wash, put the load from last night into the dry and  a of load in to the washer. After that up stairs for a quick blogging then off to make lunch for my daughter, to day is left over spaghetti, and then feed the pets, put the dog out, pull out dinner freezer enchiladas for dinner. Then make my daughter breakfast, this moring is egg sandwich (freezer). After that out of the house by 6:05 at the lates, to drive a hour to work. It is so much fun!

What does your mornings look like? How much prep do you do for the moring?

Today Goals - Gym
                    - Homework
                    - Read to my duaghter
What are you goals?

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