Friday, November 4, 2011

My life

I am considering doing a blog, because there are many parts of my life that people might find interesting. In this blog you will hear about the adventures of my life, how I raise my daughter, how I am a wife, how I handle Nanning for two different parents with three kids total, how I plan lesson plan for the children, how I could come make meals, how I coupon to save my family money, however working on being debt-free, how I cook homemade meals, how I freezer cook, how I deal with my daughter's biological father. Also I will talk about working out, and staying healthy while raising a family. I am not a professional, or a doctor. I'm basing my blog on my personal experience; this is my opinion and my view on the way things are. There are always two sides of every story so please keep all that in mind while you are reading my blog living my experiences with me. My life is an ongoing ride to please hold on is prepared to see what it takes to be me. I consider myself a good mother, a good wife, cook, gardener, a friend, and a daughter of God and the student. Once I figure out all this I'm hoping to start my own blog that can be found on the web. Please give me time to figure out how this works. And welcome to my life!

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  1. Not sure if you can see the old comments, but I liked this blog post! Glad you have continued on.