Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekly Menu

My Menu I will be posting recipe if you ask for them and I will post some picture throughout the week!

Nov 11 - Friday
Blueberry Muffins ~ out of freezer (Breakfast)
Spagetties Os (Lunch)
Stroganoff (Dinner)

Nov 12 - Saturday
Pumpkin Gingersnap Cookies (Freezer Cooking)
Pumpkin Pancakes (Freezer Cooking)
Pumpkin Pancakes (Breakfast)
Fruit Salad (Weekly Fruit)
Tossed Salad (Weekly Salad)
Leftover (Lunch)
Chicken Potato (crock-pot Recipe) (Dinner)

Nov 13 - Sunday

Nov 14 - Monday
Pumpkin Pancakes ~OOF (Breakfast)
Chicken Noodle Soup~ OOF(Lunch)
Meatloaf (Dinner)

Nov 15 - Tuesday
French Toast (Breakfast)
Taco Salad (Lunch)
Chicken Pram (Dinner)

Nov 16 - Wednesday
Muffin ~OOF (Breakfast)
Chicken Nuggets (Lunch)
Leftovers (Dinner)

Nov 17 - Thursday
Egg Sandwich ~ OOF(Breakfast)
Tuna Crackers (Lunch)
Taco Dip W/ Chips (Dinner)

Nov 18 - Friday
Cereal (Breakfast)
Broccoli Cheddar Soup ~ OOF (Lunch)
Bread Pork Chops (Dinner)

Nov 19 - Saturday
Egg Sandwich ~ OOF (Breakfast)
Hot Pockets ~ OFF (Lunch)
Cassi Cooking (Dinner)

Nov 20 - Sunday
Personal note ~ OOF are things I cooked already and froze so I have healthy home cooked meals for my family. Also I do not cook or do any work on Sunday. Sunday is for church and church actives. 

What are you cooking up this week? 

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