Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How you coupon going??

I was behide on clipping and organizing them, so today when the kids took there nap. I worked on cutting them! It's so exciting to see what I have coupons for. I have to go to walmart and ride aid and CVS this week. I think I'll be doing it on Friday. But I do have to go to the Giant tonight after my workout and do the ketchup deal. Gaint is right next to my gym!
Here's the deal
Buy 5 heniz ketchup (1.89 each)
Then use the coupon they are printed off I'll set up a link (hopeful tonight). Then tonight I'll paid about $5. But I'll get .20 of gas. So Hubby will save 5.50 on gas!! Therefore we will make $0.50. So exciting! I love making money and getting free stuff! I personal will on do it once because we won't use more than 4 bottles in a year and I will donate one to my church. So someone else can have the deal too!

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