Thursday, November 10, 2011

Plans for Walmart shopping for Friday November 11, 2011

    I have a love hate relationship with walmart! I love them, but hate the money I spend there! :) I am going to try with a list. Here is my goal to get put of walmart spending less then $7 there (unless they have the fabric I need). I have to go to the super walmart not my normal one, be my normal on is not a super walmart so I cannot get the grosseries. 

Here is my plan,
2 Hormel snack tray 1/$4.98 (-$3)x2        $3.96
1 Fieachiman's strips yeast 1/1.06 (-.40)  $.56
2 Benardryl anti-itch strip 1/$2.28 (-$2)x2 $.56
2 Pepcid Ac (8ct) 1/$4.38 (-4)x2               $.78
4 razors 1/$1.98 (2/-$6)x2                         Free

     Let's see if they have everything and the price are right. I also want to check out there price and fabric because my daughter's Christmas present is a bed spread.

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