Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday- it's finally over!

No I am not talking about my own wedding! My brother and sister-in-law's wedding is finally over. They announced their wedding and wedding date two days after I announced ours and they're waiting to eat was a month before we originally wanted ours. And yes that's set the tone for the whole entire time that they were planning their wedding. It was so frustrating that hubby and I decided that we wanted to push her wedding back a year to give them time to get over theirs and when to cut a lot of fighting and arguing out. 
They had an amazing wedding and I'm happy for them. It was everything they wanted and everything they deserved. 
I put a lot of time in helping her figure out what she wanted the way she wanted her wedding and put our wedding on the back burner. I also learned a lot of things through their wedding that I would not want to happen at mine. 
Now though it's time to focus on my wedding and the way hubby and I plan our day to go! I can't wait

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